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6 Websites You’ll Appreciate If You’re a Nature Photographer

February 29, 2016

As a nature photographer, the world is your studio. The infinite search for new locations to shoot and techniques for capturing beauty is what excites you and drives you forward. Below, we’ve listed 6 websites which will help you get even closer to nature.

1. Nature Photographer

Nature Photographer Magazine

Nature Photographer is a magazine that is published in both print and digital format. There are three issues published each season, with Fall and Winter combined into one, larger issue. The publication exists as a “how to” magazine that aims to benefit every skill level, from beginner to professional.

The magazine’s articles are intended to help photographers get excited about nature photography and have successful trips into the outdoors that yield positive memories and great photographs. “This is the magazine for those of you interested in photographing the wilderness—in far-off destinations, in local parks or in your own backyard.”

If you visit the Nature Photographer website, even without subscribing to the magazine, you can view photo galleries and “free-to-read” content. You can also sign up to become a field contributor and get paid to have your photographs or articles appear in the magazine.

2. Nature Photographer’s Network

Nature Photographers Network

If you’re looking for online resources for nature photography, try visiting the Nature Photographers Network. This website contains resources for photographers of all levels, with a focus on “art and technique of nature, wildlife and landscape photography.” Visitors can view galleries, inspirational photo shoots, articles, tutorials, portfolios, as well as purchase nature photography products from the shop.

3. The Website of Mikko Lagerstedt

MikkoThe work of Mikko Lagerstedt is not only visually appealing to everyone—it is something different that will expand your perspective when it comes to nature photography. Looking through Lagerstedt’s work will inspire you to get expressive and learn new techniques.

On his website, you’ll find a gallery, blog, and print store. You’ll also find a “learn” and “tutorials” section, where you can browse e-books, like Star Photography Masterclass, or follow free tutorials, like “How to Process Fog & Mist Pictures in Lightroom.”

4. The North American Nature Photography Association


The North American Nature Photography Association, which is often abbreviated as NANPA, exists to promote “the art and science of nature photography as a medium of communication, nature appreciation, and environmental protection.” This website is loaded with materials and resources for photographers, including “information, education, inspiration, and opportunity.”

The NANPA publishes two magazines: Expressions and CurrentsExpressions is an annual publication; in it you’ll find the top 250 images from the NANPA annual showcase competitions. The other magazine, Currents, is a quarterly online magazine where members put together relevant nature-photography-related content. Other publications include documents and books that were created by NANPA members.

Other resources available on the website include scholarship programs, awards, grants, contests, public & private events, and networking opportunities. This organization does great work—any nature photographer would benefit from joining.

5. Patrick Zephyr Nature Photography

Patrick Zephyr

Patrick Zephyr is a nature-obsessed, award-winning, professional photographer. His work is serene, iconic, and inspirational, so we highly recommend perusing through his galleries at your leisure. He also appears at craft shows around the US, so if you’re a fan, you can look for an opportunity to meet him in person. You can also attend his photography workshops which are extremely reasonably priced—the Introduction to Landscape Photography course is only $200.

6. The Website of Suzi Eszterhas



If your favorite part of nature photography is the wildlife, be sure to check out Suzi Ezterhas‘s work. She has photographed wildlife all over the world, including the African savanna, Alaska, Antarctica, and the Arctic. Browse through amazing photographs of penguins, lions, bears, and cheetahs in her gallery. You can purchase prints and books (including children’s books) in her shop. She also hosts yearly workshops; this year, her workshops are: Custom Photo Tours in Monterey Bay, Pumas and Orcas in Argentina, African Big Cats in South Africa and Namibia, Orangutans and Komodo Dragons in Indonesia, Pandas of China, and Jaguars of the Pantanal in Brazil.

We hope you visit some of these website and benefit from them. Good luck on your next adventure!

Featured Image Credit: “Mountain” by thijser via Flickr