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Deadline: Jan 20, 2016
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: Varied entry fee for categories, members and non-members.

WPPI, the Annual

WPPI, the Annual

10 reasons why you should enter the competition:

  • It encourages excellence, educates and motivates you to be constantly committed to your craft.
  • Share your work with your peers for mutually beneficial inspiration and learning.
  • Receive priceless feedback from respected photographers and judges.
  • Be recognized by your peers for your achievements.
  • Attend the live judging for an invaluable learning experience.
  • The new rules for the competition place all entrants on a fair and level playing field.
  • There are categories that respect and encourage all disciplines.
  • Become a “Grand Master” of WPPI – the organization’s highest honor!
  • Win a category, win a Grand Award, receive a crystal trophy, win some cash!
  • It’s a fun, challenging and exciting way to share your work.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: Grand Award winners will receive a $2000 USD cash prize, a complimentary full conference pass to the WPPI 2016 Conference and expo and complimentary entry into the 2016s Honors of Excellence Print, Album and Filmmaking Competition (10 entries maximum).

Grand award, first, second and third place winners of all categories will receive custom designed, engraved crystal trophies.
Prints that score 80+ will receive downloadable, printable certificates that will be available in your member login area.
An entry that scores:
80-84 Receives a Silver" award
85-89 Receives a Silver Distinction award
90-95 Receives a "Gold" award
96-99 Receives a "Platinum" award
100 Receives a "Gold Distinction" award

Every year, a member's top four scoring entries will contribute to their Honors of Excellence status.
The top 5 scoring entries of each category will be rejudged to determine the first, second and third place winner.
First place winners from categories within the Wedding, Photojournalism, Portrait, Creative and Filmmaking Divisions will be eligible to win the Grand Award in their respective divisions.
Winners of all awards will receive a press release to be used to publicize their efforts and can be found in your member login area. Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Participants will retain copyright and moral rights in their works. USAGE RIGHTS: Applicants agree that any entry, or part thereof, may be used by Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, Rangefinder or After Capture magazines in any part of their publications, affiliated publications, printed materials or electronic media, such as, but not limited to, their websites or their affiliate's websites.

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