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Deadline: November 24, 2014
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Free Entry

Umencia Portrait Photo Contest 2014 Travel Photography Scholarship 2014 Travel Photography Scholarship To apply, for the WorldNomads 2014 Travel Photography Scholarship, submit your photo essay and tell us about yourself and what winning this scholarship would mean to you. Your images must tell a story about a place you have visited. ‘Place’ may be anywhere; somewhere in your own community or much further away. Each of the 5 shots must have accompanying caption text (1-2 sentences) to help contextualise the shot.

Digital adjustments are only acceptable if limited to minor cleaning work (removing dust spots), levels, curves, colour, saturation and contrast work. Setting the Black and White Points, minor adjustments to the Curves and correcting for any colour shifts should be all that is required.

Compositing and multiple exposures are not allowed. Sandwich shots, double exposures, photographs which consist in any way of more than one separate image and images that have been digitally manipulated are not eligible.

Adding or removing people, animals, parts of animals, plants, reflections, distractions, architecture, objects etc into/from the image is NOT allowed. Always keep in mind as a finalist you may be required to submit the original file or film for comparison.

The faithful representation of what was captured at the time of the shot being taken must be maintained.


Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: The successful applicant will receive the following;

* 1 x return economy airfare to Cusco, Peru from nearest major international airport, courtesy of World Nomads
* 12 x day travel itinerary in Peru including all ground transport, most meals, accommodation, daily stipend and tour guide, courtesy of Rainforest Expeditions, Explorandes and WWF Peru.
* Travel Insurance from
* Any necessary visas
* Mentorship from Jason Edwards ELIGIBILITY: International / 18+ / Any non-professional can apply Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: As the author of your entry, you warrant that your photographs are original, your own work and have not been digitally manipulated in any way USAGE RIGHTS: It will be a condition of entry that both scholarship applicants and the scholarship recipient will grant a non-exclusive copyright license to, WWF Peru, Rainforest Expeditions, Explorandes to reproduce the work for subsequent promotion. The scholarship winner will also grant full rights to 20 photos, as briefed prior to the assignment in Peru by the associated scholarship partners.

The scholarship recipient must submit their top 100 photographs from the assignment to no later than 1 month after returning from the trip. The scholarship recipient must also agree not to promote, sell or offer their assignment photographs to any other organisation

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