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Deadline: Sep 15, 2015
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Free Entry

Why leave for mars?

Why leave for mars?

What a wonderful world ! Why to leave it for Mars ?

Sustainable development or development at any price
It is more and more difficult to ignore the evidence proving the global warming of the Planet. The glaciers melt at ever higher speed, the Earth temperature rises slowly, but certainly, the ocean level increases and in Europe the temperatures of over 40 oC have become an everyday phenomenon, the planet ozone protecting layer is affected, perhaps irremediably, and all these phenomena have already been the basis of some apocalyptic film parables.
However, the skeptics and the oil-industry create confusion and affirm that the synergy of phenomena is just a coincidence, that we are confronted with cyclic climatic changes, that nature has the power and resources for the maintenance of its balance.
Unfortunately because of the dramatic alteration of the planet balance, people began to die, a few for the time being, but very many others have their existence strongly affected. Elisabeth Kubler Ross has become well – known for the five stages which she identified, on the way to death and which match very well with the situation in which the contemporary inhabitant of planet is: negation, irritation, expectation, depression and, finally reality acceptance. We, the inhabitants, and the Planet are confronted with the crisis which cannot be overcome by denying the reality or ignoring it. Everything is too obvious, everything is proved. The way from negation to acceptance and, hence, to action must be made shorter.
Therefore, arm in arm with nature or against it ?

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: There will be awarded three prizes and 10 mentions: - First Prize - 700 euro - Second prize - 500 euro - Third prize 300 euro - Ten mentions of 50 euro each Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

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