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Deadline: November 30, 2014
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: $9

Where People Live and Work Photo Contest

where people live and work photo contest Where People Live and Work Photo Contest – This contest is aimed at capturing the best images and copy that showcases the wide and varied ways in which we live and work as human beings. We’re looking for the bizarre and unusual and also the everyday mundane images of people living and working. It’s the narrative that we want with the image that will help tell the story behind the photo.

We believe that there’s a story behind every photograph!

There are over 7 billion of us that inhabit this wonderful planet and many more billions of creatures that share it with us.  Photography allows us to capture all there is about mankind and all the wonderful things that spin off it.

The combination of an image and the written word can be dynamic and powerful, and there are infinite ways to express how we see the world while we spend what limited time we all have being part of it.  An image might be sad, happy, funny, intriguing, spectacular, interesting, thought provoking or just …….. beautiful.  The words we use to describe these images can be the same.  Photojournalism is not always about war and politics.

Lens Warrior invites photographers to write about their work in a way so that it can be shared with the whole world.  At Lens Warrior we facilitate topical photo and photojournalism competitions. These are open contests and we seek entries from all over the world.   We set the subject and offer great cash and prizes.  We then use the best of the best from our competitions to add to our publications and here on our website to showcase them giving all that enter the chance to be published.

You can enter digitally via our online submission process with proceeds from entry fees being added to the prize pool.  We run free entry competitions as well!

Entries are judged on the combined merit for both the photograph and the narrative that describes it.  We’re looking for the whole package!

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: $500 First Prize plus 3 x $100 Runner-Up Prizes to be won.
The winning entries and a selection of others will be judged as ‘Highly Commended’ and will be considered for publication as part of Lens Warrior's ongoing planned release of books showcasing quality entries to our competitions. ELIGIBILITY: Open to All

No smaller than 1200 pixels on the longest side and saved as a jpg at the “Highest Quality” setting. File sizes of up to 1.5MB may be uploaded via the entry form Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: You state that all the content you have submitted for the Lens Warrior online contest does not infringe any copyrights, property rights, commercial rights, privacy rights or other legal rights. The overall copyright of the image and copy associated with the image remains with the artist. USAGE RIGHTS: You grant to Lens Warrior perpetual, non-exclusive, free permission to publish all the material submitted as well as to disseminate it though its websites, its publications and any other medium used to promote Lens Warrior. While every effort will be made to credit photographers, including in printed reproductions of their work, we cannot guarantee that every use of the photographs or copy will include photographer’s names.

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