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Deadline: 1st October 2010
Entry Fee: Free

Umencia Portrait Photo Contest

Viewbook PhotoStory 2010

VPS_facebookicon.png (16 KB)Viewbook PhotoStory 2010 is an international contest to which photographers are invited to submit a contemporary collection of images that convey a compelling narrative. While a single image has a narrative in itself and can be strong in isolation, Viewbook Photostory’s focus is specifically on showing series of images, in a well-chosen sequence that triggers a reaction and combines a narrative with photographic excellence.

Viewbook PhotoStory is the ultimate international arena for showing and proving the impact of these narratives, and offers an engaging and prominent platform for photography artists.

The submissions will be screened and the narratives with potential will appear on the website for everyone to view and comment on. A month before the submissions close, the public voting will open, allowing everyone to vote for their favourite photo stories, resulting in a vibrant public competition. In October the more weighty part of the contest will start, when the jurors review the many submitted works and select the jury prize winners and honorable mentions in the documentary and conceptual category. In the last months of 2010, the work by the winning photographers will be celebrated and shared in a physical exhibition in Amsterdam, as well as in a book and magazine and online publications.

Viewbook PhotoStory 2010 is open to pros and emerging talents alike at no cost. All participants can easily create and submit their online slideshow by signing up for a free, no-obligation, two-month Viewbook Pro account.

Viewbook PhotoStory is initiated and organized by in association with GUP magazine, backed up by Blurb, Workbook and many supporters.


Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: The two first jury prize winners will win an exhibition in the Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (including a flight to the event and accommodation), a lifetime Viewbook Pro website account, a custom-designed book by Blurb, publication of their work in GUP Magazine and several other exciting media and product prizes. There are prizes for second and third prize winners as well in both categories. ELIGIBILITY: All serious photographers worldwide, 18+ Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Viewbook B.V. and/or its Competition Partners will credit the artist as the author and copyright holder of his/her photographs. Submitted Materials will NOT be used for commercial advertising purposes and will NOT be altered without the prior consent of the author.

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