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Deadline: June 29th, 2015
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Free Entry

The Unbeatable Magic of Uprising Sundowns

contest_sundown_meerschweinchenreport «Meerschweinchenreport» is one of the leading art and culture blogs in Germany that invites photographers from around the globe to cope with the usual highly recognised as the unusual in order to encourage its participants to contribute their marvellous work to our great photo competition «The Unbeatable Magic of Uprising Sundowns».

What might appear as a joke – at first glance – will do both celebrate and honour the enlightening diversity of sunlight enriching our nature’s life on earth; and awakens carefully our souls’ poetry. Chaired by living legend Anthony Haden-Guest all jury members (Catherine Millet, Ute Eskildsen, A. D. Coleman, Rick Poynor and Giuseppe Vinolo) might not wait initiating a philosophic discussion about to be and not to be – based on the selected submissions – which might end up leading our minds into a new galaxy of meaningful thoughts.

Will our competition save the world? Honestly, we do not know. It is, however, hard to believe that people showing a greater interest in capturing breathtaking sundowns are planning WW III at the very same time. Our conclusion: there cannot be enough peace keeping sundown photo competitions these days, can they? So, spread the good news via whatever and be part of our sunny peace movement!

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: One First Place Prize:
A portfolio of 12 images coming along with a review will be published permanently in «Meerschweinchenreport».

One Second Place Prize:
A portfolio of 6 images coming along with a review will be published permanently in «Meerschweinchenreport».

One Third Place Prize:
A portfolio of 3 images coming along with a review will be published permanently in «Meerschweinchenreport».

How will the jury proceed?
Each member of the jury will select the work of 10 participants about which the whole panel is invited to discuss about. Finally, the jury announces the winners of the first, the second and the third prize. There will be also a «Certificate of Recognition». ELIGIBILITY: Worldwide Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Photographer maintains ownership. Upon Meerschweinchenreport’s request, each winning entrant must be prepared to provide a signed release from all persons who might appear in the photograph submitted, and/or from the owner of any material that appears in the photograph entry, authorizing Meerschweinchenreport to display it permanently on its blog «Meerschweinchenreport». Failure to provide such releases upon request may unfortunately result in disqualification and a selection of an alternate winner will be made. Thank you very much for your cooperation. USAGE RIGHTS: The winning photos will only be used on our blog in order to promote the winners.

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