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How to Turn Your Photos into Gifts this Christmas

December 24, 2017

Christmas is just around the corner, so the mad rush for gift shopping has already begun! How about considering getting creative with your presents this festive season though and turning your photos into one-of-a-kind gifts?

Your loved ones are probably your biggest fans when it comes to your photography, so they’re sure to love whatever wonderful things you turn your photos into.

For those of you who need extra inspiration (and instructions) on how to turn your photos into gifts this Christmas, you’ll find all you need to know below!

How to Turn Your Photos into Gifts this Christmas

Turn your photos into greeting cards and postcards

It’s really easy to turn your favorite photos into both greeting cards and post cards to share with your loved ones. You can even give your designs a Christmas theme in order to tie them in with the festive season.

If you like to get crafty with glue and a pair of scissors, then it can be quite simple to print, cut, and paste your images onto cardboard to create these products. Alternatively, you can use a platform such as Shutterfly and Tiny Prints to design your own. They then print your products and ship them directly to you, so all you have to do is distribute them as gifts!

How to Turn Your Photos into Gifts this Christmas

Create a photo book featuring a loved one or pet

Do you also enjoy capturing plenty of photos of your loved ones, or even a family pet? Why not share these special memories in the form of a beautiful photo book to give to someone who will truly treasure them for years to come.

A photo book is like a photo album, but in a professionally printed form. You might choose a hard cover to give it a durable yet stunning appearance, or perhaps you can turn it into more of a magazine by opting for a soft cover.

There are plenty of platforms online which allow you to design and create your own photo book, so a quick Google search should do the trick! Just be careful to check whether the service ships to your location first, along with how much this will cost.

For more information about the process of making a photo book, as well as our favorite platforms to use, you can check out this previous article.

How to Turn Your Photos into Gifts this Christmas

Turn someone’s portrait into a canvas or framed print

As a photographer, you’ve probably photographed your close friends and family countless times. If there’s a particular portrait you’ve taken of one of your loved ones that they absolutely loved, why not turn it into a masterpiece, either through printing it on a canvas or on high-quality photo paper to be framed.

This gift idea might cost a bit more than your standard photo print, but the look on your loved one’s face when they unwrap and reveal it will be totally worth it.

How to Turn Your Photos into Gifts this Christmas

Create photo bunting

This is a great gift idea for a partner or best friend, especially if the two of you have lots of wonderful photos and memories together that deserve to be hanging somewhere on a wall! You can print these photographs as Polaroid lookalikes (an editing program should supply you with the iconic, square-shaped frame), or even in a variety of shapes – it really is up to your imagination!

Images with a particular theme or color scheme will usually work very well together, so choose your photos wisely. You can either print the photos on high-quality cardboard or photo paper, before cutting them to size and hanging them on a length of string using small wooden pegs. Another idea is that you can also write little messages on the back of each image, such as reminders of where and when the photo took place.

How to Turn Your Photos into Gifts this Christmas

Make a photo collage box

You can create a wide array of wonderful things using a plain, undecorated box, and a photo collage box is just one of them. This involves you choosing a collection of your favorite images, before printing them out, cutting them to size, and gluing them onto the box in a collage-like fashion.

This means that you will overlap the images so that they fill all of the box’s surface. You can also add fun elements to this design, such as stickers, text, buttons, feathers, fake flowers, or anything else your heart desires – the sky is the limit with this project!

Giving one of these to a loved one this Christmas is a great gift idea, as they will enjoy displaying the box full of beautiful photos, as well as using it to store their favorite things.

These are just 5 of the most fun and easy ways that you can turn your photos into gifts this Christmas. The festive season is the perfect excuse to take some time off and get creative though, so why not brainstorm some other exciting ideas that you can transform your photos into too? Enjoy!

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