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Deadline: 22 September 2009
Entry Fee: From £10 to £20

TPOTY Awards 2009

Travel Photographer of the Year 2009 features three portfolio categories – Homeland, Natural Wonders and People of the World, and a One Shot category, on the theme Festival, Fiesta and Celebration.

In addition, it features New Talent, the award for students or those who want to start a career in photography, the First Shot beginners’ single image category, and Young TPOTY (for kids with cameras). There are even prizes for the best individual images within each of the portfolio categories, so plenty of chances for you to win a great prize, and the prestige of being a TPOTY winner!

You can enter all the categories that you are eligible for as many times as you like. A portfolio is a set of images which fit together to tell a story with a theme. All TPOTY portfolios are four (4) images. Entries shot on either film or digital cameras are eligible for all categories. First Shot is for images shot on mobile phones, compact cameras and basic SLRs only. Images shot on mobile phones will not be accepted for any other categories.

Entering prints – download an Entry Form, fill in and send it to us with your prints.

Entering online – if you are entering online you will fill out an entry form as part of this process so you do not need to download an entry form.

Submitting images online? Follow this link to start uploading your photographs.

Official web site:

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: ELIGIBILITY: Open to anyone except those directly involved in the organisation and judging. Any photographer, amateur and professional, aged 17 years and over from any country can enter the three Portfolio categories and the One Shot category. The New Talent, First Shot and Young travel Photographer of the Year categories all have restrictions on entry as follows: New Talent is for photographic students, amateur or semi-professional photographers only. Professional photographers are not eligible to enter this category and photographic status will be checked before any prizes are awarded. First Shot category is for amateur photographers only. Young Travel Photographer of the Year is for photographers aged 16 and unde Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: When you submit images to us, you agree that we may use them to promote the competition, issue to media to promote the competition, and feature them (if chosen) in TPOTY books, exhibitions and the website. We do not restrict what else you do with your images, and if we are approached to use your images in a way which is not to promote TPOTY, we negotiate a fee on your behalf or put you in touch direct with the person interested in your images. By entering TPOTY we ask that you allow us to use your images to promote the awards, in press coverage of TPOTY, in our exhibitions and in the TPOTY books. For any other usage we either ask your permission to negotiate a fee on your behalf or put the person/organisation wishing to use the image in direct contact with you.

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