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5 Tips to Managing your Photo Contest entries

February 12, 2013

Entering many photo contests is the best way of improving your chances of winning, but managing and keeping track of where you have entered and which contests you have yet to enter can be very difficult without the right tools, so here are my tips to help you stay organised.

1. When entering contests, more often than not you’ll receive email confirmation, so create a folder in your email client so you can store all these emails in case you need to refer to them later.

2. Most email clients nowadays have a calendar built in, this is a great tool to set reminders’ for entry deadlines, and winner announcements’, that way you’ll be sure not to miss important dates. You could also try Google Calandar which provides email or text alerts.

3. Bookmark the contests you enter by creating a folder in your browsers bookmarks called ‘Contests entered’ and bookmark each contest you enter, so it will be easy to revisit the contests at a later time.

4. Create a spreadsheet to log the fundamental details such as contest name, website, crucial dates, photo entered etc. this will enable you to see at a glance important information plus it will enable you to sort the contests. Try Google’s free spreadsheet tool

5. Looking for an easier way, then simply subscribe to the contest newsletter to hear about important dates and final reminders etc. The downside to this is that not every organiser will inform you this way and you could end up receiving a lot of email if you enter lots of contests.

Taking a moment to log each contest by using all the methods above can save you from having a huge headache later.

These are my tips on how to stay organised, but what are yours? do you use different methods to those mentioned above? I’d like to hear what you do.