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Deadline: Aug 15, 2021
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Free Entry



Every sport requires great commitment, talent, endurance and only the best of us can stand under the Olympic rings. But there are people who practice a high level of sports, which are not represented at the Olympics, and the commitment and talent of these athletes are also impressive feats. However, many of these sports are done at the amateur level and are very marginalized sports or activities that don’t have millions of fans. For instance, competitive Skydiving, Icesailing, Heliskiing, Skijöring, Snowtubing, Cheese Rolling, Octopus, Redneck Games, ChessBox…. etc.

If they didn’t choose you or your special sport for the Olympics, it doesn’t matter. We will give you the opportunity to make yourself visible and show a new audience what other sports are out there!
Using 5-10 original photos, create a photo story about your city
You can submit an existing story (which is not currently being sponsored)
– Use original and good quality photos or scanned images
– Tag the location of each image
– Create a brief description and caption for each photo to make the story comprehensive, engaging, and expressive
Use your original content, as plagiarized text will lead to disqualification
Level requirements
Open to all
Submission Formats
JPEG, PNG – minimum resolution of 1920×1080 and maximum size 10MB
These stories should appeal to everyone who does sports or is interested in picking up a new competitive hobby. There are many things to try!
Winning Criteria
Once your story is accepted, please share your photo story on social media with #FrstHand #CallsForStories
The contest entries will be judged. The Contest Sponsors will choose the winners based on the following criteria:
– The submitted story must meet all the content requirements
– The content should be creative and engaging (Remember, you are writing for an international audience)
– Image quality and authenticity matters

Contest Prize & TERMS

10-$30 Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

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