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Tips for Capturing the Most Beautiful Engagement Sessions

July 9, 2017

Are you a wedding photographer wishing to also offer engagement sessions in your packages? Or perhaps you’re a photographer wanting to branch into this medium?

If you answered yes to either of these, then you’re in luck! Today we’re going to delve into this genre and offer our top tips for capturing the most beautiful engagement sessions.

Let’s get started!

Make the Couple Feel at Ease

The first (and possibly most important) element of capturing stunning engagement sessions is to make the couple feel totally at ease in front of the camera. In fact, if they can forget that the camera is even there, then you’re onto a winner!

The best way to do this is to chat to them throughout the shoot and get to know them. Compliment them, ask them questions, and even better – make them laugh.

If you’re unsure of how to make chit-chat, start by asking them how they met or the story of how they began dating. Trust us, it’ll be putting natural smiles on their faces in no time.

Tips for Capturing the Most Beautiful Engagement Sessions

Get to Know the Couple

The best engagement photo shoots celebrate the couple for what makes them unique, whether it’s their interests, backstory, or any particular quirks. In the lead-up to the session, you’ll want to find out as much about the couple as possible, especially what themes or elements they want to bring into their photos.

An easy way to do this is to send the couple a short questionnaire or survey asking them about these fun things (just don’t get too personal!). You can also create a group Pinterest board and invite the couple to contribute their own ideas and inspiration to it. This way, you can both ensure you’re on the same page before the session even starts. Plus, it guarantees that you’ll produce photographs both the future bride and groom will adore.

Tips for Capturing the Most Beautiful Engagement Sessions

Location Scouting and Prop Finding

Here comes the fun part – at least for some photographers! If you love scouting for photo shoot locations and searching for one-of-a-kind props, then here’s where you can let your imagination run wild.

Think about the couple and what they want from the shoot, and figure out the best location to bring this vision and story to life. Alternatively, a specific location might be linked to your couple’s journey so far (i.e. where they met, had their first date, or even had their proposal). In that case, you’re already one step ahead!

Additionally, sourcing interesting props will bring another dimension to your engagement session. Plus, props are a fantastic way to make your couple feel at ease in front of the camera – especially when they’re a bit awkward or posing doesn’t come naturally to them.

Interesting props that your couple can interact with include balloons, heart shapes, flowers, garlands, cotton candy, hats, or anything else that you think will be fun to include in the session.

Here’s another tip: don’t be afraid to make your own photo shoot props! If you have a particular item in mind but can’t find it anywhere (or perhaps it costs too much), then DIYing it is the best way to go.

Tips for Capturing the Most Beautiful Engagement Sessions

Professionalism is Key

While an engagement session might seem like a bit of fun, it’s a really important session to showcase your professionalism as a photographer. While couples may choose to have one photographer shoot their engagement and another capture their wedding photos, many will book an engagement session with a photographer they would also like to photograph their big day.

The engagement session is a great place for both the couple and photographer to ensure that they can work brilliantly together, so even if they haven’t booked a wedding photographer yet (and you offer this service), there very well could be another opportunity lining up for you! Therefore, it’s important to show them that you’re the right person for the job.

Tips for Capturing the Most Beautiful Engagement Sessions

Special Touches

Just because the photo shoot is over, it doesn’t mean your duty to wow them ends there. Obviously, you’ll still have to edit the images and then send the final results to the couple. Whether they only want the digital versions of the images or they want some printed professionally – you can certainly go that extra mile to put an even bigger smile on their faces.

Examples of this might include complimentary gifts when you hand over the final images, or even adding nice touches such as placing the printed images in a beautiful box and tying it with a bow. You could even include a bespoke wooden box with their names engraved on it to house the photos. There’s no limit to your creativity!

Alternatively, if they only want the photos sent to them digitally, why not also place the files on a custom-made USB stick that has their names on it, along with your contact details. Think of it as a promotional tool that also shows your gratitude for being able to work with them.

There you have it – our top tips for capturing the most beautiful engagement sessions! Do you have any engagement shoots coming up?

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