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Deadline: Mar 31, 2024
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Free Entry

The Golden Turtle International Wildlife Art & Photography Contest

The Golden Turtle International Wildlife Art & Photography Contest

Golden Turtle is international cultural and ecological event, dedicated to celebrating the beauty of the wildlife. This creative contest gathers authors from all over the world, submitting artwork in various categories.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: The competition winners who won first place in their nomination will obtain a cash prize of seventy five thousand rubles.
The laureates who won the second and the third places in their nomination will obtain valuable prizes and gifts from the Festival sponsors and partners.
The competition winner in the Photographer of the Year nomination will obtain a cash prize of one hundred fifty thousand rubles Photo trip to Antarctica with the Poseidon Expeditions. Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: The author should be the right holder of the works they submit. By submitting their works to the Golden Turtle competition, the author agrees with the terms and conditions of the Lisence Agreement.

The participant warrants that his/her work does not infringe intellectual rights of any third parties. In case any third parties make any claims, the participant shall be fully liable for his/her work.

Exhibition copies that are printed at the expense of the Golden Turtle Competition organizers for displaying at the exhibition shall remain with the organizers and may be used by them for the statutory activities of the MY EQUATOR Charity Social Support Fund.

The work originals shall be used by the organizers for various purposes, including, but not limited to:
Printing of photographs required for the work of the jury;
Preparing the final photo album (each author whose work(s) is(are) presented in the photo album is entitled to receive One (1) author's copy of the album);
Preparing exhibition copies of the artwork;
Making an archive of the competition finalists, etc. USAGE RIGHTS: By uploading their creative Works to the personal account on the Contest website for participation in the Contest, the Participant grants the Contest Organizer the right to use the Work in the following ways without compensation:
- Provide the Work in printed or digital form for evaluation by the Jury of the Contest;
- Publish the Works in any section of the sites under the "Golden Turtle" trademark and its official groups in social networks;
- Use the Work in any print and electronic media to inform the public about the holding of the Contest and its results, and for the purposes of advertising the Festival and Contest, including printed materials, the Internet, on television, electronically, or in any other way not prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation;
- Publicly show the Work, that is, in any way, to demonstrate the original or a copy of the Work directly or on the screen via using film, transparencies, television frames or other technical means;
- Publicly perform the Work, that is, to present it in a live performance with the help of technical means (television and other technical means);
- Broadcast the Work, that is, to communicate the Work to the public on television, including through cable;
- Reproduce the Work, including making copies of the Work or its parts (without limitation by the number of copies) in any material form, including video recording; print, including, but not limited to books, photo albums, magazines, booklets, calendars, prints, posters, postcards, promotional materials, souvenirs, other printed materials and electronic media, including committing it to computer
- Distribute the Work and all material forms listed in p. 2.7. through the sale or other alienation of its copies in retail bookshops and other stores, in Internet shops, as well as during any public events (exhibitions, concerts, festivals, charity evenings, etc.); distributing the Work as part of another work;
- Redesign, refine and in other way process the Work;
- Use the Works for charitable purposes, corresponding to the authorized activity of the Copyright Holder of the Contest; to hold specialized events dedicated to the popularization of the Festival and Contest.
The Contest Organizer undertakes to indicate the name of the Participant and the logo of the Contest when using their Work in any form in compliance with the Russian Federation Copyright Legislation.

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