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Best Online Sources for Learning Photography

The best sources for improving your Photography Skills

February 11, 2016

Learning about photography can be expensive if you opt to do it through a traditional course. Besides buying your own DSLR and lenses, other expenses can quickly ramp up. Even doing a day’s course with a professional photographer can run you up a steep bill. If you want to learn for free, or at least very cheaply, then reading and watching tutorials online is a much better bet. Here are some of the best online sources where you can learn tips and trick for photography. These will take you through every part of the process, including how to handle your post-production and presenting images to clients.

Creative Live


This is probably the biggest and best photography learning site out there, though the catch is that a lot of their content is not available right away for free. They livestream workshops with famous photographers from all sorts of backgrounds and genres, as well as retouchers and marketers. This all helps you to see the tips in action, rather than having to read along. It can be really useful, especially when the presenters respond to questions from the audience. If you want to access any of their past videos, there is a fee, though they do regularly run sales – and the livestreams offer the chance to buy the video at a lower rate while you are watching.



This education site currently offers 605 online courses and over 27,000 tutorial videos in photography. The site appeals to photographers of all levels of experience, and offers instruction in a plethora of skills, including lighting, color correction, foundations, photo printing, and selecting cameras and equipment. All new students receive a 10 day free trial.

The Digital Photography School


The Digital Photography School has a huge database of tutorials that you can read on various subjects. They go right through from beginners’ guides to more advanced topics, as well as covering all parts of the photographic process. This is a great site, but as it is all written by volunteers, you might want to carefully read through tips to make sure that they make sense and will match up to great results. They do add new posts regularly, so you can check this out under their “latest posts” section if you want to see what’s new.

Expert Photography


At Expert Photography you will find archives full of lots of topics for you to learn about. Again, this will take you through from the very basics of photography and will allow you to learn everything that you need to know. It also contains tips and tricks for Photoshop. They also have video courses and ebooks available for those who want a more structured course to take them through all that they need to know in a certain area.

Digital Photography for Dummies

photography for dummies

If you feel like you are a little out of your depth with photography, then this site is for you. It is an online extension of the popular “for Dummies” book series, teaching you everything you need to know in the simplest possible terms. Their online library includes guides, videos, and images to help you understand the tips. This is definitely a great place for total beginners to start, though for stylistic tips and information you will need to look elsewhere.

Nikon’s Learn and Explore


If you want to hear it right from the horse’s mouth, Nikon have their own full set of photographic tutorials. They have articles for you to read as well as technical data about their cameras and how to use them. They also have a program that runs in-person classes and workshops, some of them for free, which you can sign up to via the same website.