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Deadline: November 25, 2011
Winner is: Judged & Voted
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: US $45 per photographer or multimedia team.

The 2011 Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar photo Contest

atlanta Each year, the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar hosts a photography competition that receives content from some of the world’s top photojournalists. Judging for the competition, some of which is open to the public, occurs at the Seminar.


01 Spot News — A single picture of an unscheduled event for which no advance planning was possible.

02 General News — A picture of a scheduled or organized event for which advance planning was possible.

03 Feature — Usually a found situation with strong human interest; a fresh view of an everyday scene.

04 Sports Action — A single picture or sequence showing participation in a game or athletic event.

05 Sports Feature — A feature picture that is sports-related.

06 Portrait/Personality — A picture that captures an aspect of the subject’s character.

07 Pictorial —A picture that exploits the graphic aesthetic qualities of the subject with emphasis on composition.

08 News Picture Story — A collection of photos with a single theme that fits the description of the Spot News or General News category.

09 Chris Hondros Memorial International News — This category is in memory of Getty Images staff photographer Chris Hondros, who died on April 20, 2011 while covering conflict in Libya. Images should be a collection of photos with a single theme that have been taken outside of U.S. territory.

10 Feature Picture Story/Essay — A collection of photos with a single theme that fits the description of the Feature category.

11 Sports Picture Story — A collection of photos with a single theme that fits the description of the Sports Action or Sports Feature category.

12 Product Illustration — A photograph that illustrates any product, including clothing and food.

13 Issue Illustration — A photograph conceived to illustrate a particular idea or editorial concept.

14 Military Photograph — A single photograph of any subject matter taken by active duty military personnel.

15 Multimedia Slideshow — A single slideshow that may consist of still photos, audio or video and requires no user interaction other than start/stop, next/previous or image number buttons to view.

16 Multimedia Interactive Presentation — A multi-layered presentation that may
consist of still photos, graphics, animation, audio or video that incorporates hyper-links to delineate chapters or sections.

Multimedia Entries — No more than 3 multimedia entries per person or per team are permitted. Multimedia entries are required to fill in the information on the contest registration form & mail a CD or DVD of their project(s) formatted as Quicktime movie H.264. No entry can play longer than four minutes. Your contest entry form must accompany your contest entry.

Single Photographer
Use this method for a multimedia entry which is the work of a single photographer. You may include this entry as part of your overall contest entry.

Team Entry
Use this method when there is more than one photographer responsible for the work. If you use this method use must submit it under a separately funded contest entry.

Portfolio Entries- Best Portfolio or Rich Mahan Best Student Portfolio

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: More than $4000 in cash prizes
$1,000 and Nikon equipment for Best Portfolio
$750 and Nikon equipment for 1st place Rich Mahan Student Portfolio
$250 2nd place Rich Mahan Student Portfolio
$100 3rd place Rich Mahan Student Portfolio
$500 for Best in Show
$100 awarded to all First Place winners

First place winners receive plaques; second and third place winners and honorable mentions receive certificates. Special recognition will be given to the newspaper staff winning the most points in competition. ELIGIBILITY: Any photographer from any country is eligible to enter. Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: No Copyright Policy USAGE RIGHTS: You grant permission to the Seminar to publish these photos online and in print.

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