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Deadline: 30th December 2010
Entry Fee: No initial entry fee


Telling a Story with Images

Prada There is no initial entry fee for this competition. Only those series accepted will pay an entry fee.

The theme: In this occasion WPGA wants to select images that are telling a story. It can be a real story or a fiction created by the imagination of the artist.

The theme is open: a story of clouds and storms, a love affair, a political statement, your family party or the houses of your neighbourhood. It could be a fairy story digitalized by you imagination, or the life of the natives in Peru. Or perhaps it is the story of a wedding, the aftermath of a natural disaster, or illustrative images of your last trip in India.

There are no limitations to your work provided you’re submitting a story with images or a coherent body of work in terms of thematic displayed. Telling a story with images is interacting with the viewers to show a mood, an environment, a editorial statement or a particular event.

Both color and black and white (including duotones, toned, and all kind of alternative processes) will be accepted to be screened. Series can also be a mix of images in black and white and color. All kind of processes, including digital manipulation will be accepted.

The minimum of photographs composing each series is 3 and the maximum is 8. Series will be accepted as individual images or in the form of polyptych or similar sequence or panels of several images (tryptych, tetraptych, pentaptych, hexaptych, heptaptych or octaptych, for 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 images in panels, respectively). The series will be screened as a hole, although it is recommended that each image has its own artistic value. Technical, thematic and creative coherence in the body of work will be a plus.

Before the SUPERSAVER DEADLINE (October 31st): $45 the first series accepted; $15 each additional series accepted – Between November 1st and November 30th (EARLY BIRD DEADLINE): $55 the first series accepted; $25 each additional series accepted – After November 30th until the FINAL DEADLINE (December 30th): $65 the first series accepted; $35 each additional series accepted

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: Best Image of Show (to be featured in the book cover): $500 B&H gift certificate.

Runner up (to be featured in the book back cover) $ 300 B&H gift certificate

The Book will be printed in a hardcover edition and will have a price of $69. Purchasing the book is optional and there’s no obligation to buy it even it the artist has been featured. When selecting the images to be featured in the book, jurors will select the Best of Show image and a runner up. The Best of Show image will be featured in the cover (and in an inner page) and the runner up will be featured in the back cover (and in an inner page). Next to each image featured in the book, the name of the artist, his/her website address, and a short bio will be displayed.

All images featured in the book will be also posted in the online WonderPick Gallery for one year, as well as all images that have been selected in the second screening. Being featured in the online WonderPick Gallery is at no cost for the artist, and he/she will receive a 50% sales commission. 10% of the sales will be donated to Save the Children. Once the artists has been selected to be featured in the online WonderPick Gallery, he/she will receive further instructions regarding pricing of the featured work as well as the extent of the edition available for sale. All images posted in the online WonderPick Gallery will be printed by WPGA and sold with a Hahnemülhe certificate of authenticity. ELIGIBILITY: Pro and non Pro worldwide, 13+ Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: WPGA recognises that the authors retain full ownership of the image copyright. USAGE RIGHTS: Participants warrant that their photographs may be reproduced for the purpose of marketing and promoting WPGA contests, in catalogues, posters, postcards, publications, and on the Internet. Such use is granted for not more than two years after the announcement of the awards, and without payment to the photographer or featured models. Photographers will receive photo credits with each use, and will allow WPGA to sub-license their photographs to the press for reproduction in connection with the contest and WPGA exhibitions.

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