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Deadline: 6th April 2011
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: Entry Fees - 
LPA Members 
Single image entry: £8.00 
Series of two to six related images: £12.00 NON Members 
Single image entry: £12.00 
Series of two to six related images: £16.00


Still life 5 photo contest

lpa_logo Still life photography owes much to the tradition of painting. The beautifully crafted still life paintings found in museums are records of an intense experience of light, form and colour.

Still life photography concentrates on these formal properties and has attracted some of the most influential photographers of all time. The images of early masters of the art such as Edward Steichen, Edward Weston, Andre Kertesz and Minor White still look ‘modern’. In the commercial sphere the lavish attention to detail in the work of some food photographers, for example, continues this tradition.

By crafting something that is more than a picture ‘of’ something, a good still life can evoke emotion, playfulness and reflection. The abstract quality which sometimes enables the viewer to experience form and space before seeing ‘objects’ can challenge the usual associations of the camera and the tangible world.

LPA is delighted to honour this long tradition. We encourage both classic styles and new ideas which may stretch the notion of ‘Still life photography’. Images can be studio set-ups, found objects photographed in-situ or digitally manipulated creations. We are expecting to see a beautiful gallery. Dig through your collection and find those gems!

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: Exposure, critical to every photographer’s career – is the ‘REWARD’ offered by the London Photographic Association Awards. Every person who enters our competitions can benefit from this. Gold, Silver and Bronze winners receive a years free membership to the LPA. All Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will be interviewed by the LPA and published on the website. All winners and finalists image(s) will be published in the ‘Winners and Finalists Galleries’ along with fully editable profile page. 

 All Gold, Silver and Bronze winners can apply to have their fine art prints sold through Gallery 1839 ELIGIBILITY: All / 18+ Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: By entering the competition, entrants: warrant to the London Photographic Association that they have created and own the work submitted (including all elements of the work) and that nothing within any work has been copied or added from another person’s work

warrant that the whole copyright and any other form of intellectual property right in the work is vested in them

warrant that they have not in any way assigned, licensed, disposed of, or otherwise encumbered any of their rights which allow them to deal freely with the work and the copyright in that work. USAGE RIGHTS: By entering the competition, entrants grant licence to London Photographic Association and agree that their work may be exhibited at venues organised by and for the purpose of the London Photographic Awards as well as through the London Photographic Association website.

agree that the London Photographic Association may display entries featured in the London Photographic Awards exhibitions and website to promote the works of Entrants to the London Photographic Association and for education and reference purposes connected with the London Photographic Association.

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