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Thinking of Starting a Photography YouTube Channel? Here’s How!

February 20, 2018

Have you ever dreamed of starting your very own photography YouTube channel? As a photographer, we’re sure you’ve watched at lease one photography show on the platform below, or perhaps you even follow some?

YouTube isn’t just an extremely addictive (and at times, helpful) site. For the select few who gain millions of viewers each month, it also means big business.

So, whether you dream of earning extra money, becoming a household name within the photography industry, or simply exploring your passion for the subject for people all over the world to join in – we’re going to show you how to start your very own photography YouTube channel today!



Know Your Stuff

Before we delve into the ins and outs of starting a YouTube channel, it’s important that you know exactly what it is you want to gain from the platform. What can you offer others that is unique or perhaps hasn’t been done before? Do you have a special skillset, knowledge, or experience within an area of photography that you think people are just dying to hear about?

Grab a blank piece of paper and begin to brainstorm all of the content ideas you can think of. What interesting spins can you put on those subjects? What can make your videos, or channel, stand out from the sea of photography YouTube channels that already exist?

Choose a Channel Name

Almost as important as the content you’ll be covering is your channel’s name. You want it to be memorable, unique, and easy to type. Some people tend to just use their name, while others develop a brand name of sorts to be known by. There isn’t any right or wrong answer to this – simply think of something that you love, and the rest is history.

Start Your Channel

Thankfully, getting your own channel up and running on YouTube isn’t very difficult. It’s a simple process involving the following steps:

  • Make sure you have an account with YouTube (your personal browsing account is fine)
  • Sign in to your account and click on the user icon at the top right of the screen
  • Click the gear icon. This will take you to your account’s settings
  • See the phrase ‘create a new channel’? Click on this
  • Choose ‘use a business or other name’
  • Add your desired channel name and click ‘create’.

Too easy!

Brand Your Channel

As with most things you do online (such as your photography portfolio or social media platforms), you’ll want to keep consistent branding across your YouTube channel. This means any colors, fonts, symbols, or logos that you usually use in association with your photography business. The goal is to have viewers instantly recognize you and what you’re all about.

Describe Yourself

Shortly after creating your channel, you’ll also want to fill in your profile and channel description. This is a great place to explain your expertise within the field of photography, as well as to link to your portfolio, website, and social media platforms (so viewers can further check out your work!).

Be sure to describe what your channel is about, as well as what viewers can expect from your videos. Remember to infuse these sections with as much personality as possible, as this is what people love.

Question Your Target Audience

If you’re stuck for content ideas, or simply want to ensure you’re creating the ideal content for your target audience, then why not reach out to them and ask? By now, you’ve probably built-up a following on your photography business’ Facebook page or Instagram, so simply upload a status or image asking them what they would want to see on your new YouTube channel.

Additionally, if you’re part of any photography groups, be sure to also reach out and ask its members what they too would like to see or learn more about. Then, once your content has been created, make sure you drop by these places again to share the link to your video!

Engage with Your Viewers

Once your videos begin to gain views on YouTube, you’ll notice people will also begin to post comments. It’s important to respond to each of these comments to boost your channel’s engagement and thank them for taking the time to watch your video. You can even use these comments to gauge whether your content is being helpful and what you might be able to do better next time. Remember, it’s all a learning curve, but you’ll certainly get the hang of it!

Further Reading

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If you’ve been thinking about starting your very own photography YouTube channel, we hope our advice has helped you to understand the process a lot easier. Best of luck with it!

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