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Spring Alphabetography Challenge Winners Announced

May 30, 2011

After 1,084 photo submissions (up 452% from “Winter”), 26,717 photo views (up 180%), and 3,463 votes cast (up 495%), the 60 Finalist Photos were professionally judged by a three-judge jury, and the winners of the Spring 2011 Alphabetography Photo Challenge: the Four Seasons are…

The Overall First Place Winner with the greatest combined total score is last season’s third-place winner Ove Alexander from Manchester, England

The Second Prize Overall winner is: Heidi M. Dickey from Great Falls, Montana, USA

The Third-Prize Overall winner is: Wilfredo Lumagbas Jr. from Bacolod City, Philippines

The six “Best Letter” winners (photographers not images) were determined by the greatest SUM of the Judging Phase scores for their images for every Letter period or category (“S-P-R-I-N-G”). Only one unique entrant was allowed in each letter category

“I was so stoked when I happened upon your photography contest! Finally found one I could enter that didn’t cost a dime AND it was a challenge each week when a new letter came into play…I had to get outside and find new ‘masterpieces’ for the letter G, for example. I only wish I had happened upon the contest sooner. I’m looking forward to the next contest. Bring it on!” — Cyndi Romey, Phoozl Award Winner, “N” Letter Category

“I enjoyed the wide variety of images from the finalists and the different takes on the Spring theme. The Phoozl contests are a great way for people to share their work and have a chance to win some prizes!” – Jon Canfield, “Spring” Alphabetography Judge

To find out who the “Best Letter” winners are and to view the winning images click here

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