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Deadline: 9th of April 2010
Entry Fee: Free

Spot the City of London Griffins Photo Contest

griffin.jpg (162 KB)The Griffin is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. Seen as guardians of secretly buried wealth, the griffin became the symbol of strength. It is one of the most common mythical creatures representing the hoped for nobility of leaders in our human society.

The City of London has griffins as supporters for its coat of arms, and it marks its boundaries with statues of a single “griffin” carrying the City coat of arms. They can be found at each road leading into the City of London. The City of London griffins are heraldic dragons with scaly bodies and wings, no feathers, and no eagle’s beak.

The griffins can be spotted in many places around the City of London.

We are asking you to spot and take a minute to take a photos of the Griffins in the City of London and it could be even a pub in London with the name griffin.

How to Play :

Spot a Griffin in the City of London
Take a photo of it or more if you like
Upload it to our Ancient World In London Flickr Group tag it with Griffins
Or simply take a photo of it with your camera and tweet it to @Heritagekey with #griffins

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: WIN an Ancient History Book of your choice from Thames & Hudson ELIGIBILITY: All Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: By posting any photos on the Heritage Key group on Flickr, you agree to grant to Heriage Key a free, non-exclusive right to display your photos on the Heritage Key website, and on or in other Heritage Key websites at any time and for so long as we choose. Thumbnails of your images may be produced and hosted on Heritage Key servers, however these thumbnails will link to articles containing your images where your full attribution will be given. When we use your photos on a Heritage Key website, we will where reasonably appropriate attribute and link back to your Flickr photostream. You remain the owner of copyright in your photos and are free to use them in any way you choose, subject to any other restraints.

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