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Deadline: 30/10/09
Entry Fee: £0

South West Coast Path Annual Photo Competition 2009

southwestcoastpathOpen to both amateurs and professionals, the competition aims to find the best pictures of people enjoying the path, the stunning scenery, and the wealth of wildlife and heritage found along the path. To encourage new talent there is a separate prize for young photographers.
The best pictures will be used in a Coast Path calendar
You can enter photos into any or all of these categories:
• Landscape and Nature
With the South West Coast Path running 630 miles around the stunning coastline of Devon, Cornwall and Dorset, passing through 1 National Park, 5 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and 2 World Heritage Sites there is no shortage of beautiful landscapes to be captured.
Wildlife is also ever-present along the path, and even on a short walk you are likely to encounter attractive flowers, birds and butterflies, and if you’re lucky seals and other mammals. The slower you go, the more you will see.
• People
One of the straplines used to promote the South West Coast Path is ‘Over a 1000 kilometres & more than a 1000 experiences’. Try and capture some of the experiences and special moments of people using the Coast Path, such as the exhileration of finally getting to the top of a hill, relaxing at a viewpoint and watching the world go by, your family out for a stroll and a chat, kite flyers, artists, bug hunters, bird spotters and 993 other things people might get enjoyment from.
• Heritage
Walking along the Coast Path, you will be following the footsteps of those who were here before you… Iron Age men and women retreating to clifftop castles, coastguards beating out the path to secluded coves, the miners who excavated tin and copper, the many thousands whose hands have polished a stone stile as they passed by. Capturing a unique view of the structures and features that they built and left behind, is what will make your photo stand out above the rest and catch the judge’s eyes. Examples of what to look out for along the path are lighthouses and daymarks, Iron age forts and civil war castles, monuments, churches, mines, harbours and fisherman’s huts, and the many different building styles, from Georgian to Art Deco to those with a 21st Century twist.
• Young photographers
There will be a separate prize for photographers who are 18 years old and under, and the photos can fall into any of the above themes.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: In total £2000 of prizes, including Jessops vouchers, a Garmin Colorado GPS unit, Ordnance Survey select maps, guidebooks, and South West Coast Path merchandise. ELIGIBILITY: Photos must be taken from or close to the South West Coast Path. Entrants in the Young Photographerscategory must be 18 or under. Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: We make no claims on your copyright. By entering, you give your permission for the South West Coast Path Team and Western Morning News to publish your photo on our web sites and to use it without charge to promote the competition and the South West Coast Path in publicity material such as displays, leaflets, magazine and newspaper articles (produced by third parties) and a South West Coast Path Calendar. If your photo is used in this way you will be credited as the photographer.

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