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Deadline: Aug 31, 2018
Winner is: Voted
Entry: Varied Entry
Entry Fee: $2

Shuttout Photo Contests

Shuttout Photo Contests

Over $1000 in total prizes so far. Ongoing 30+ photo contests with money prizes in different genres. Landscape, Portrait, Animals, Street, Abstract, Wildlife.

Get $2 bonus by entering any contest before 31st of August.

We created Shuttout photo contests because we believe that good photos deserve something more than just likes.

Out photography contests are community-based and it is the community who selects the winners. Build your own follower base on Shuttout and in the near future, you’ll be able to create your own photo contests, invite your followers and even earn money on being a host.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: Get $2 bonus by entering any contest before 31st of August.

Over $1000 in total prizes so far. Shuttout is all about money prizes that rise with the number of premium entries. Currently, prizes vary from $5-$30 with a very big chance of winning due to the number of participants. It's probably the best moment to join and test the platform in its first stages.

All contests are free to enter just for fun, or with a premium entry ($2) if you are ready to fight for the money prize. Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Copyright
We are against ‘right grab’ and you retain copyright to your photographs. By using our platform and submitting your photographs you give us the right to display and reproduce it on our platform and to use it in our social media channels and marketing materials for promotion of Shuttout and our activities only.

By entering our Contests you represent and warrant that you are the original photographer or that you have copyright to the photographs and as such we have permission to use them as such you keep us indemnified against any claims. We reserve the right to remove your content and exclude you from the Contests if it comes to our knowledge that you do not have copyright to the photographs you submitted. We reserve our rights to pass to you any consequential loss incurred as a result of your such actions. USAGE RIGHTS: We will use photos to feature them on our social media channels always crediting a photographers. We can use photos to recognize the winners and to showcase our users amazing work.

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