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Find out the WPO’s Short-Listed Winners for the Sony World Photography Awards

March 13, 2017

The Sony World Photography Awards is the largest photography competition offered worldwide, so it’s certainly an event to get excited about!

The 2017 shortlist has recently been released, with photographers around the globe scrambling to get a glimpse of some of the best talent that this competition has to offer.

We thought we’d take all of the hard work out of this task for you, so below you’ll find out who the short-listed winners for the Sony World Photography Awards are, along with everything you need to know about this famous competition!

What are the Sony World Photography Awards?

Known as the world’s largest photography competition, the Sony World Photography Awards has been running for ten years now, with 2017 marking a decade of the special event.  If is free to enter and open to all photographers worldwide.

Proving that it is one of the most respected and influential photography competitions in existence, the competition reveals that “In 2016 the total number of entries received since the first edition in 2007 surpassed 1 million images.”

The Sony World Photography Awards has four individual competitions running, including Professional (judged on a body of work), Open (rewards the best single images), Youth (for photographers aged 12-19), and Student Focus (for those currently studying photography).

The prizes on offer to the winners are beyond any photographer’s wildest dreams, with a total prize fund of $30,000 (USD), along with the latest and greatest Sony products shared between the winning photographers.

That’s not all, however, as the competition further explains: “Photographers are taken on a year-long journey, bringing untold exposure and providing a global stage on which to present their work.”

On top of all of this, the winning, short-listed, and commended entries are displayed in the prestigious and popular Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition, which takes place at the equally-as-prestigious Somerset House in London each Spring.

Inclusion in the annual Sony World Photography Awards book is also thrown into the deal, as is the potential to work with Sony and other partners on a variety of projects. How’s that for a photography prize pack?!

Meet the Short-Listed Winners

The Professional Competition:

This part of the Awards features ten different categories and entrants are required to submit a whole body of work, rather than just one single image. Therefore, the work of these short-listed winners tends to focus on one particular style or aesthetic across all of the images they included in their submission. Achieving this is certainly no easy feat, so we encourage you to click on each of the categories below to see the full short-list of entrants – there’s just simply too many to include all of them in this post!



Contemporary Issues

Current Affairs & News

Daily Life


Natural World



Still Life 

The Open Competition:

The Open Competition features the best single images across ten categories, offering both a shortlist and commended section. We’ve included links to the categories of short-listed entrants below and encourage you to also check out the commended photographers.







Still Life

Street Photography



The Youth Competition:

This segment of the Sony World Photography Awards also offers both a shortlist and commended section, with entrants being aged between just 12 – 19 years-of-age. The following talented photographers made the shortlist cut, so you’ll certainly want to remember their names!

  • Jonathan Chan
  • Helen Kiparissa
  • Bella Wong
  • Andrej Kiripolský
  • Taciu Rares
  • Katelyn Wang
  • Iryna Sylinnyk
  • Yujia Dou
  • Tanya Chinareva
  • Frederik Marks

The Student Focus Competition:

This area of the Awards features the submissions of entrants who are currently studying photography, therefore aiming to shine a light on those emerging and currently training in the field.

Students were given a specific challenge – to create an image that best represents the concept of ‘memories’. The talented photographers who made the much-anticipated shortlist are included below:

  • Cole Ndelu
  • Nursyafiqah Azlan
  • Ruby Gaunt
  • Shravya Kag
  • Sarah Schrimpf
  • Tayla Martin
  • Tatsuki Katayama
  • Stewart Main
  • Nadine Hackemer
  • Michelle Gentile

Meet the 2017 Competition Judges

As you’d probably expect, a prestigious competition such as this requires talented judges at the forefront of their fields. From curators and picture editors, to creative directors and fellow photographers themselves – the panels for the Professional competition and the Open and Youth competitions boast an incredible array of industry professionals, all whom have been listed below.

  • Zelda Cheatle (Chair of the Judges and Curator – UK)
  • Aida Muluneh (Founder/Director at Addis Foto Fest – Ethiopia)
  • Allegra Cordero di Montezemolo (Curator & Head of Exhibitions at Centro de la Imagen – Mexico)
  • Denis Curti (Curator and Journalist – Italy)
  • Russ O’Connell (Picture Editor The Sunday Times Magazine – UK)
  • Francoise Callier (Program Director at Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops – France)
  • Damien Demolder (Photographer and Journalist – UK)
  • Andrea Kurland (Editor-in-Chief of Huck – UK)
  • Dan Rubin (Photographer & Artistic Director – UK)
  • Jennifer Shaw (Founder and Creative Director at PhotoNOLA – USA)

There you have it – everything you need to know about the Sony World Photography Awards, including the very exciting reveal of the short-listed winners! Will you be entering your photography into the 2018 competition?

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