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Deadline: August 28, 2013
Winner is: Judged & Voted
Entry: Free Entry

Sharks in Focus 2013 Photo Contest

SHARKTRUST This photography competition, in association with Diver Magazine, aims to change attitudes about sharks through imagery. The Shark Trust has spent over 15 years raising public awareness of issues facing sharks and challenging the common Jaws stereotype. Shark photography features heavily in our work because it’s a great way to engage the public and challenge people’s perceptions of sharks by showcasing and celebrating shark diversity, as well as highlighting their vulnerability.

We invite all shark photographers to enter their images below. This year’s categories are:

Shark! – The White Shark has become infamous, and even has its own theme tune. However there are over 500 species of shark found worldwide, let’s celebrate them all!

Shark Personality – Sharks are known as formidable predators but they can also be playful, lazy, calm, shy and inquisitive…how do you see them?

Best of British – British waters are home to over 50 species of shark, skate and ray, including some of the fastest and rarest in the world – here’s your chance to help us showcase them.

Skates & Rays – These flat, cartilaginous fish are closely related to sharks, and with over 600 species worldwide, there are more than enough to choose from!

Human Encounters – This category provides an opportunity to explore the relationship between humans and sharks, whether positive or negative.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: The prize is an exciting bespoke package of activities based in the Southwest of England. This will include shark watching and snorkelling/diving with tour operator Charles Hood off the Cornish coast and a sleep-over with the sharks at Plymouth’s National Marine Aquarium.

The best shots will also make up the Shark Trust themed 2014 Diver Calendar. All entrants will gain the satisfaction of having contributed to shark conservation and will have their work widely appreciated and showcased through the activities of the Shark Trust. ELIGIBILITY: UK Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: The copyright of the image must be held by the entrant, or written permission from the copyright holder must be held for the entrant to submit the image in the name of the photographer. The copyright will remain with the photographer USAGE RIGHTS: The photographer grants the Shark Trust the right to publish these media in non-commercial Shark Trust publications (i.e. web site, ePublications, newsletters, magazines, books, annual reviews, exhibits etc). The photographer allows the Shark Trust to include these images in the Shark Trust Media Library ad infinitum and the right to use these images for non-commercial purposes.

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