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How to Set-Up Your Own Home Photography Studio

July 23, 2017

Are you a freelance photographer who often works from home? Or are you thinking about starting your own home-based photography business?

Today we’re going to look at how you can set-up your own home photography studio. Whether you specialize in portraits, fashion photography, or newborns (just to name a few!), you too can benefit from your own dedicated photography space at home.

Let’s get started!

Finding the Right Space

The first step to setting-up your own home photography studio is to ensure you have enough room in order to do so. Is there a space in your home that would be perfectly suited to one?

If you’re lucky enough to have a vacant or unused room already, then you’re half-way there! For those who have to get a little more creative about where they place their photography studio, do you have an unused corner or section of a larger room that you can transform? Even space in a garage can work wonders!

How to Set Up Your Own Home Photography Studio

Plan it Out

Now that you’ve got your space, try to envisage how it will look once it’s set-up. Take measurements, sketch plans, and play around with different furniture arrangements until you’re completely happy.

Need some inspiration in terms of how to deck it out? Use Pinterest to search ‘home photography studio’ and see what other photographers have done with their spaces. It’s sure to help you gain some awesome ideas!

Think About Lighting

As we’re sure you’re already aware of, lighting plays a crucial part in any photography studio. If you’re blessed enough to have plenty of windows in your dedicated space, then you’ll be able to achieve some fantastic images captured in that natural light. You could also use some white curtains to act as light diffusors during harsh sunlit hours.

For those who may have a darker space to work in, don’t fret! Artificial lighting can do the trick. Invest in some floor lamps, overhead lighting, or anything else to brighten your studio.

How to Set Up Your Own Home Photography Studio

Have Some Beautiful Backdrops

Whether your walls are decorated in picturesque wallpaper, industrial-style bricks, or simple white paint, you’ll still want to build-up a collection of backdrops to use in your work.

You’ll want some sort of background support system, whether it’s one you buy online or one you create yourself using curtain rod holders – it just depends on your budget.

You can then collect fabric in different colors or patterns, or even wallpaper samples can serve as the perfect photo backdrop. Too easy!

Collect Perfect Props

For those who like to use props in their photos (such as lace crowns for newborn portraits, sunglasses for fashion shoots, etc.), you will benefit from keeping these all in the one spot within your studio.

Install some shelving or buy a cheap bookcase to store them on, or if the props aren’t too fragile, a basket or storage container will do the trick. You’ll love having these so easily accessible during your shoots!

Don’t forget, you can also create your own props if you’re limited by budget.

How to Set Up Your Own Home Photography Studio

Tech Too

While you’ll hopefully be doing a lot of photographing in your home studio, it’s also an area where you’ll be running a business. In other words, you’ll be editing images on your computer or laptop, printing photos and documents, making phone calls, and everything else that’s involved in the day-to-day running of your own company.

Be sure to allocate some space to these tasks, even if it’s a small desk tucked away in a corner.

Create Comfort

Since your studio will also be a place for clients to visit, why not set-up a comfortable little nook somewhere for them to relax before or after their shoot?

All you’ll need is an armchair, a small coffee table to place a drink on, and perhaps just a few magazines that they can flip through whilst waiting. Remember, you want to make this space as inviting and welcoming as possible, so even the smallest investments (like a secondhand table or beautiful book) can make a huge difference.

How to Set Up Your Own Home Photography Studio

Fill it with Inspiration

This is your photography studio, so make it the most motivational and inspiring space you get to spend time in! Create a mini gallery on an unused wall and fill it the photos that inspire you most. Be sure to also place your favorite quotes around the room, so even on your toughest workdays, you’ll still find reasons to smile.

When a workspace (including a home photography studio) is a space that you actually love being in, it makes such a huge difference with your daily attitude, productivity, and happiness.

One of the best things about being self-employed is being largely in control of your working environment, so use this to its full advantage and watch your photography career blossom!

There you have it – our tips for how to set-up your own home photography studio! Will you be creating a home studio anytime soon? Best of luck if you are!

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