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Deadline: Sep 30, 2018
Winner is: Judged & Voted
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: €30

Seaview Photo Contest | 12,500 EUR

Seaview Photo Contest | 12,500 EUR

Focus on sea view, sea, seaside, sea scape, ocean, ocean view, oceanside, waves, beach, islands, etc.


Register to the contest.

There are three registration periods: “Early bird”, “Standard” and “Late” registration. You are able to submit maximum 3 photos with 1 registration. If you would like to upload more than 3 photos, new registration(s) required. Fulfilling an “Early bird”, “Standard” or “Late” registration does not affect submission deadline. If you have any questions regarding the registration process please write us at [email protected]

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION – registration fee: 30 euros
Close: 30/09/2018 24:00 UTC+1

STANDARD REGISTRATION – registration fee: 60 euros
Close: 15/10/2018 24:00 UTC+1

LATE REGISTRATION – registration fee: 90 euros
Close: 31/10/2018 24:00 UTC+1


Following the accepted registration you can download the Contest Brochure with the clear directions about the submission process.


We will send your Contest ID by email within 24 hours after your registration.


Submit your photo(s). After you recieved your Contest ID you are able to submit your photos. Photo needs to be in high-resolution JPEG format and minimally have a long dimension of at least 2000 pixels. We recommend the compressed file size not be larger than 10 MB to ensure a faster upload experience. The contest is anonym! You need to submit your photos named your Contest ID (for example: BB6666A.jpg). If you have any questions regarding the submission process please write us at [email protected]
Submission deadline: 05/11/2018 24:00 UTC+1


TOP 30 photos will be announced by the Jury. There are the Winners in these selected photos and they are participate public voting in Competitions for Photographers official facebook page. The most liked (reacted) photography will win the Audience Prize* (1000 euros + Certificate).
Publicity: 20/11/2018 16:00 UTC+1


Public voting will be closed in Facebook.
Close: 30/11/2018 24:00 UTC+1


Winners will be announced by the Jury.
Publicity: 01/12/2018 16:00 UTC+1


We are going to get in touch with the Winners.

Contest Prize & TERMS

1 x €3,000 + Certificate

Second Prizes
2 x €2,000 + Certificate

Third Prizes
3 x €1,500 + Certificate

Audience Prize*­
1 x €1,000 + Certificate

Honorable Mentions
10 x Certificate Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Submitted photographs by Photographer shall not violate any third party rights and CfP shall not be considered as responsible. In case of that CfP is pushed to make a payment to the third parties due to the violation of their rights, Photographer shall accept, declare and undertake to compensate the all losses and damages of CfP.

Photographs submitted to the CfP's website shall contain the relevant and correct information.

Photographer shall declare and undertake that submitted photographs must be taken after 01/01/2015.

Photographer shall agree that digital manipulation and any kind of photoshop effects is not allowed, only basic color corrections and crop are allowed. USAGE RIGHTS: Photographer agrees to undertake the license non-exclusively to CfP the right to use his/her photographs, within the scope of promoting and advertising for Contest.

Photographer agrees and undertakes that CfP shall have right to reproduce and publish the original or copies of the photographs in any form or by any method, with all kinds of print techniques or in different formats through electronic methods, in physical or electronic media. In this regard CfP may reproduce and publish the photographs as photobook and complete works in different sizes and colours. Photographer agrees that ten thousand copies of the photographs subject to printing will be printed. CfP may reproduce and publish the photographs in physical media and transmit the photographs to its subscribers.

Copyrights remain on the photographer, Photographer shall give CfP right to use the submitted photographs with Photographer's credit.

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