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Deadline: 8th November 2010
Entry Fee: Free

Rip Curl: Stage 2 – It’s Time to Look for Trouble!

lomography-red-logo-500 It’s time to look for trouble this time around! We’re bringing you Stage 2 of the Rip Curl Competition that’s going to be surfin ‘ rad! Look for trouble in style, let loose and ride that perfect wave with Rip Curl! Insane prizes await for our grand prize winners such as special surfing trips! Grab that camera and go loose!

It’s time to look for trouble. In the last few months a load of Lomographic pictures from all over the world were submitted to the first stage of the Live The Search Competition, themed:” Whole Lotta Love”. Take a look at the 1600 shots of hearts in the sand, glistering sea, pretty surf girls, dreamy beaches and bright blue skies at

Times of love are over now. Summer is over. Fall starts and therefore we open Stage 2 : “Looking for Trouble”. It’s time to catch the wild waves of your life – in the form of your eccentric artistic endeavors, rebellious and fun parties, and crazy, out-of-this-world schemes with friends, lovers, and strangers. Ripcurl is the esteemed brand catering to the surfing lifestyle. For this reason, we would like to see analogue shots related to surfing, skateboard, and other related images. Submit your Lomographic pictures until the beginning of December and once again have a chance to win Lomography and Ripcurl prizes.

Winners of a Whole Lotta Love. In the meantime a jury of Ripcurl professionals and seasoned Lomographers will be sorting through the entries in the next weeks to pick the winners of the first stage. The 36 winning shots will shine in glory at the website in the next few weeks.

Looking for trouble in style. Do you want to look for trouble with a FishEye? Then think about using the Ripcurl FishEye 2. Perfectly drenched in summery colors this little fellow was made to shoot loose. Be it your ride on the perfect wave or the cutest summer love, the Fisheye 2 Rip Curl is always ready for action and captures everything within 180°. Dressed in flashy yellow, green, blue and red it wears the perfect beach outfit that draws all eyes on it while taking the most breathtaking photos.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: 2 trips to the RipCurl Pro Bells Beach in April 2011, 2 trips to the RipCurl Pro Peniche in October 2011 and 110 additional goodies by Lomography and Ripcurl ELIGIBILITY: analogue photo Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Lomography does NOT take ownership or copyright of the images that you upload. You retain full ownership, and your pictures are free for you to use in any application that you choose - artistic, commercial, or person USAGE RIGHTS: When you upload an image to, you grant the Lomographic Society a non-exclusive, world-wide, royalty free license to modify, publish, and reproduce your material solely for the purpose of displaying, distributing, and promoting

Therefore, in addition to the specific application to which you directly upload, your pictures could be used in online galleries, camera microsites, e-mail newsletters, press releases, and the like. Uploaded images are subject to the stated uses at any time, without prior permission and with no termination date.

Moreover, Lomography does not assume the rights to sell or distribute your images to any third party without your permission. is your launch pad for communication with the vast world of like-minded Lomographic maniacs out there. So, upload away - your shots are safe with us!

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