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Deadline: October 31, 2011
Entry: Free Entry
Entry Fee: Free


Raindrops Geneva Award 2011

Raindrops Award Raindrops Geneva Award 2011- Best Photographs on the advantages of the use of rainwater. For the first time, this competition will be the result of close collaboration between the IRHA and the very reputed Photojournale, with their “Rainwater/Eau de pluie/Agua de Lluvia project”. The date for the final submission of photographs has been extended to  31st October 2011 at 12 p.m. (midnight) GMT.

Through this competition we aim to make the public, too often insufficiently informed, aware of the various advantages that rainwater harvesting offers by providing sustainable access to water. It is in this context that the IRHA and Photojournale invite photographers, professional and amateur alike, to present their vision on the benefits that this celestial resource can have for both humans and nature.

All works submitted through the Rainwater/Eau de pluie/Agua de Lluvia website ( are automatically eligible for the Raindrops Geneva 2011 – Best Photographs on the advantages of the use of rainwater competition.

Topics or themes for the photographic works can conceptually include the following.

· Water is Life, the essential element that supports human, animal and plant life

· Rain

· Sacred or ritualized use of water or the celebration of rain in spiritual ceremonies

· Thirst, scarcity and drought

· Water distribution, including the politics of water distribution, water as a commodity. Impossibility to provide pipe water in remote regions and the role of harvested rainwater for satisfying of the needs.

· Rainwater Harvesting, the best tool for adaptation to the climate changes (storms, floods, drought)

· Rainwater collection, simple technologies at work, water purification

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Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: The presentation of prizes will take place in June 2011 with the three best photographs will be awarded prizes as follows;

1st place:CHF1,000, 2nd place:CHF600, 3rd place CHF400 ELIGIBILITY: All Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: No ownership or copyright in any photography shall pass to IRHA or Photojournale by the agreement to the competition rules. USAGE RIGHTS: The photographer grants to the IRHA and Photojournale a free, non-exclusive, non-assignable and non-sub licensable right to Reproduce the submitted photography, solely to the extent explicitly stated in the agreement to the rules.

Photographers of photography awarded the prizes grant the IRHA a free, exclusive, non assignable and non–sub licensable right to Reproduce their work in perpetuity.

All photographs submitted for the contest can be used by the IRHA and Photojournale in promotion of the “Best Photographs on the advantages of the use of rainwater – Raindrops Geneva Award 2011” and “Rainwater/Eau de pluie/Agua de Lluvia project”, their ancillary events and projects for a period of five years.

Credit Lines for Editorial Use. If any photographs are reproduced in an editorial manner, the photographer’s name or such credit information, if any, set forth in the submission requirements must appear adjacent to the photography in the credit line accompanying the photography.

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