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Deadline: October 16, 2013
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Free Entry

Professional Photographer of the Year 2013

PPOTY-2013-Logo Professional Photographer Of The Year is a prestigious award recognised by the big players in the photography industry. There are 12 single image categories and one triple image category, plus there will be an overall winner chosen from the category winners, and that person will win the coveted title of PPOTY 2013.

The 13 categories of the PPOTY 2012 competition are:

Movie Short: We would like a movie shot on a DSLR that has a narrative and tells us a story. It can be no longer than 90 seconds and can be on whatever you like; whether it’s a short story, a stills video or an abstract art film or homage

Black & White: For some, this is the only form of serious photography. We take a different view, but we do want to see the medium used to its full. Deep dark blacks, bright whites and every shade of grey in between. The subject matter of the shot should be perfect for mono.

In the Studio: We want to see your mastery of lighting, modifiers, reflectors and styling, from high end fashion to commercial still life, creativity and flair are what the judges want to see.

Medium Format- sponsored by Hasselblad: Medium format is about optimum quality, so to enter this category your image must have been shot on a medium format camera, and it doesn’t matter if it’s film and scanned or a digital capture – the subject is up to you!

Student of the Year: Whether you are studying how to shoot wildlife at university, going through your indentures for a newspaper on a NCTJ course, or enjoying training for a second (or third!) career, we want to see your passion and skill with camera and lens.

Weddings: Gone are the days of the grip and grin, aunt Maude adjusting her hair piece or slightly out of focus twee images on soft focus filters. The modern wedding photographer is as much of a creative artist, whether shooting candid or posed imagery, as any other form of professional photographer. We need you to show us your talent.

50mm: This is the lens that is oft left in the kit bag on shoots but, in our opinion, it should be a lens that gets as much use as your 24-70mm or 70-200mm. Yes, you have to move your feet, but look at all that lovely bokeh! Go on, have some fun with your 50!

Street Photography: You may interpret this brief, in terms of subject matter, as widely as you like, and have shot the images on anything from a CSC to a DSLR, or even a top end compact. So from grannies sticking their tongues out on buses, hard news or just for fun, tell us a story of the street.

News: From dodgy politicians to ‘papped’ celebs, show off your technique with a camera and lens, either in the bun fight of a press call or perhaps more of a feature-based image that creates a narrative.

Location Flash – sponsored by broncolor: From a brace of new wireless Speedlights to a full blown Profoto BatPac power pack and four 500W D1 Monolights, your submitted image should show your skill at lighting a subject, from an outdoor fashion shoot or environmental portrait to a car or architectural shoot.

Travel: Capturing the ambience and character of a destination is what travel photography is all about. The judges want to get to know a location through your stunning image, whether you use a landmark, a location’s people or even its wildlife to inform the viewer.

Lifestyle: From a creatively shot wedding, to a boudoir masterclass and anything from family portraits to pets, carefully capturing your subject in great light and with a sensitive environment, showing your subject’s character to the full are what this category is all about.

Portfolio of Three : This is the ONLY category in the competition in which you are able to submit more than one image, in this case a total of three.  Treat this as a triptych; a story made up of three connected elements from one single shoot.

MIPA 2021

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: Each winner will receive a professionally produced print of their winning image, a specially designed and created logo they can use for the marketing purposes on their stationary, social media or website, and will be invited to the exclusive awards night with magazine staff, judges, the other category winners, the competition sponsors and specially selected VIP guests. We will also be printing a PPOTY Special supplement in the January 2014 issue celebrating the winner’s images, including an interactive multimedia version that will be emailed to magazines purchasers, subscribers and winners. ELIGIBILITY: Open to All / 18+ Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: With respect to any materials you submit in connection with the Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2013, you represent and warrant that you, or the person from whom you have permission to submit the Submitted Materials, own(s) the copyright and other relevant rights to the submitted materials, that you will not license or assign such copyright during the course of the competition, that you have full power and authority to grant the licenses and authorisations granted herein, and that submission of the Submitted Materials and their use and display will not be contrary to any law or any contract or agreement with any third-party. USAGE RIGHTS: By entering the competition, Participants grant Professional Photographer and its Competition Partners an irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide royalty-free licence to reproduce, publicly display, distribute, publicly perform and create derivative works from their Submitted Materials, in all media, solely in connection with the administration, judging and promotion of the Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2013.

Submitted Materials will NOT be used for commercial advertising purposes and will NOT be altered without the prior consent of the author, except as necessary to display or distribute them in a particular medium or format.

Permissible uses of Submitted Materials shall include their reproduction, distribution and display in exhibitions, multimedia presentations, and printed materials related to or promoting the Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2013 and/or its sponsorship by Professional Photographer and their Competition Partners.

Professional Photographer and its Competition Partners shall have the right to grant sublicences to the press and publicity agents in connection with the promotion of the Award or the competition. Professional Photographer and its Competition Partners also shall have the right to make the Submitted Materials available to third-parties for viewing on computer screens and other media devices, and for storage in electronic format, for personal, non-commercial uses only.

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