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Deadline: 15 April 2010
Entry Fee: USD10 - USD20

Umencia Portrait Photo Contest

Prince of Light – 5th Session Emirates Photo Competition

Epc logo.jpg (187 KB)EMIRATES PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION Each year, the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage runs an annual photography competition in the UAE under the supervision of the FIAP.  DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 15TH APRIL 2010

The aim of the Competition is to develop photography in the UAE by attracting as many photographers as possible, fostering new talent and supporting professional photographers through specialized workshops, meetings, seminars and individual and group exhibitions within the UAE and abroad. All efforts will be made to purchase and publish photographic works entered in the Competition.

In its capacity as one of the professional competitions held in the region, the Competition expects to receive entries from various artistic schools and disciplines, including Compound and Panoramic photography, Negative and Positive slides, Negatives, Digital Photography and Modern Art Technical Processing. Photographs of all types and sizes will be accepted providing that they conform to the accepted standards of the art of photography.

Every year the Competition has a Main Theme designed to encourage photographers to address new, unusual and unexplored aspects of photography, in addition to four other themes that change annually. In its 5th Session, the Competition will be celebrating the famous Arab scientist Al Hassan Ibn Al Haytham Al Basri (965-1038 AD) who excelled in the fields of optics, physics, engineering, astronomy and philosophy. The main theme of this session is derived from one of his best-known titles,‘the Prince of Light’.

In accordance with the organizers’ belief in the universality of the Arts, the commonality of human creative endeavour at all times and in all places and the ability of photography to increase communication and interaction between nations, the Competition is open to all photographers from all over the world. As part of the key role played by Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage in attracting and developing all aspects of talent in the UAE, the fifth session of this Competition will be offering a special section for amateur photographers who are UAE nationals. Also for the first time, a special award will be granted for the three best group works submitted by international photographic societies or clubs with the aim of enhancing such artistic forums and supporting the cultural impetus provided by photography.


Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: For the best work on the Main Theme AED 50,000 and a FIAP Gold Medal, Main Theme Awards, First Prize: AED 20,000 and a FIAP Gold Medal, Second Prize: AED 15,000 and a FIAP Silver Medal, Third Prize: AED 10,000 and a FIAP Bronze Medal
General Theme Prizes: 3 prizes will be awarded for each of the four themes. First Prize: AED 20,000 and a FIAP Gold Medal, Second Prize: AED 15,000 and a FIAP Silver Medal, Third Prize: AED 10,000 and a FIAP Bronze Medal.
Emirates Photography Prize: This prize is presented by the National Library of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage. It consists of the printing and publication of an illustrated book and an exhibition of the work of the winning artist, worth a total of AED 100,000 and awarded to a UAE national for any photographic work submitted on any of the themes. First Prize: AED 20,000 and a Gold FIAP Medal, Second Prize: AED 15,000 and a Silver FIAP Medal, Third Prize: AED 10,000 and a Bronze FIAP Medal
Photography Club Prize Awarded for the best group entry submitted by an international photographic club or society. It consists of three prizes of AED 10,000 each and a Gold FIAP Medal.
UAE Talents (under 21 years old) First Prize:AED 12,000, Second Prize: AED 8,000, Third Prize: AED 6,000, Fourth Prize: AED 4,000
All Prizes will be awarded in cash in UAE Dirhams or the equivalent in hard currency. The prize money will be awarded to the winning photographer in person or transferred to his/her bank account on the day the results are announced.
The Competition organizers will award all winners a trophy bearing the Competition logo. Certificates of Appreciation will be awarded for outstanding works on any of the themes and all entrants will receive a certificate of participation. The winners will be also invited to Abu Dhabi to attend the opening of the exhibition and the awards ceremony. 1 USD = 3.70 AED ELIGIBILITY: All Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Photographer owns the full copyright. Competition use photographs only for exhibition and competition promotion.

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