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Deadline: Feb 07, 2019
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Free Entry

Portraits by Blank Wall Gallery

Portraits by Blank Wall Gallery

Submit your photos for free
Deadline: Thursday February 7, 2019
People and their expressions have always been an interesting subject for photographers.
It is really challenging to try to capture the emotions and the mood of a person
in just one shot. It is also always interesting to see what the photographers see on
the people they have photographed.
We would really like to see this relationship as it is
developed through your “Portraits”.

Choices Announced: Monday February 11, 2019
Exhibition: Friday March 22 – Wednesday April 3, 2019

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: The submission of photos for the specific contest is free. Each photographer can participate with up to 5 files.
All photographers, amateurs and professionals who are over 18, are eligible to participate to the contest.

In every exhibition there will be over 100 printed photos exhibited. We will also give the opportunity to some artists to exhibit their work on a digital screen, 43″, 4K, with optimum color quality.

The artists who will be chosen to participate in the exhibition and be presented at the web page of Blank Wall Gallery, will have to pay the amount of €35, if their photo is printed, and €15 if their work is displayed on the digital screen.
(The payment can be made via debit and credit cards)

This way, only the photographers who will exhibit their work will pay a small fee for participating in the exhibition. All the other artist will not be charged.

The photographs exhibited at the gallery will be printed at the labs of Blank Wall Gallery free of charge. In case an artist wishes to send us the printed photos, they are free to do it.
The exhibitions organised by Blank Wall Gallery last for 2 weeks and everything needed for the realisation of the exhibition (printing of your photographs on 260 gsm paper, framing, hanging of the photos, press releases, invitations, opening night and supervision) are provided by our gallery without any additional charge. Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: All photographers, amateurs and professionals who are over 18, are eligible to participate to the contest. USAGE RIGHTS: 1. Neither Blank Wall Gallery nor their associates, affiliates or partners assume any responsibility for photos submitted in violation of copyright regulations
2. Any photograph used by Blank Wall Gallery will have a photographer’s
3. Blank Wall Gallery does not have the right to make use of or bestow the high definition files or the prints of the Works that will be used for the realization of the exhibition.
4. Blank Wall Gallery may use all entries submitted for marketing & promotional purposes across all media though there may not be any monetary compensation.
5. Blank Wall Gallery will not have any commercial profit from the Works that

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