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Deadline: Jan 15, 2016
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: Single Entry: $ 30 CAD, 2 items: $ 55 CAD,3items: $ 75 CAD Diptych (series of 2 photos): $ 50 CAD, 2 diptiches: $ 90 CAD Triptych (series of 3 photos): $ 70 CAD, 2 triptyches: $ 120 CAD Series (series of 4 or 5 photos): $ 100 CAD

PhotoShoot Awards, NUDE 2016

PhotoShoot Awards, NUDE 2016

PhotoShoot Awards is a series of online photography competitions that captures emotion in images based on themes which are thought provoking and which convey contemporary perceptions of current world issues. The competitions focus on several different themes showcasing categories of photographs which rarely receive the attention or interest they deserve.

The nude portraits selected by PhotoShoot Awards are neither obscene, nor pornographic, nor violent. The photographs will focus primarily on emotion, beauty and a sense of freedom, though the portraits may also be provocative, amusing, natural, sophisticated, sensual, erotic, unexpected, classical, innocent or audacious.

Selection criteria include the quality of the shot, composition, originality and imagination. The nudity represented in the photos may be full, partial, wholly revealed or merely suggested. Whatever the subject or type of photograph submitted: women, men, families, couples or groups; photos taken in situ or in a studio; digital or analog photos; black and white or colour; computer-enhanced digital photos or digitised prints, the principal selection criteria for the competition is that the photograph captures the emotion of the moment.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: If you participate in PhotoShoot Awards, NUDE 2016, you have the chance to be selected from among the best artistic nude photographers in the world. By winning or being selected as a finalist you will receive:
A trophy (1st place winner NUDE 2016), certificates (2nd and 3rd place winners, 1st place winner per category, Finalist, Special Recognition)
Winner of NUDE 2016 logo and banner to post on your website
Award-winning photos showcased on our online gallery
Link to the winning photographer’s website
Winning photos presented in the book-exhibition catalog also available for purchase online (free copy to the 1st place winner of NUDE 2016)
Post-contest promotional services Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: The PhotoShoot Awards team respects the privacy of participants in various contests and websurfers who visit the site www.PhotoShoot The confidentiality of the information pertaining to the participants and websurfers is managed diligently as it does not belong to us and will not be disclosed to third parties. USAGE RIGHTS: Copyright of a photograph shall remain with its respective photographer at all times. However, all participants agree to grant PhotoShoot Awards and Hors cadre Inc. (the Producer) permission to showcase their work for promotional purposes in any of their publications including, exhibitions of the winners in a gallery, electronic material, web site, online galleries, annual book with winning results, as well as any other form of promotion without further permission or remuneration from the Winners Presentation for a period of three (3) years.

Entrants also understand that their work may be published in affiliated newspapers, magazines and periodicals, solely for the purpose of promoting a particular photograph, the photographer and the PhotoShoot Awards contest. You also agree that visitors to are to view images on a computer screen or mobile phone for personal and non-commercial use only.

We do not sell images for financial gain or for use in an image bank. Instead, every winning image in the PhotoShoot Awards will have a link to its respective photographer's website or email, if desired. Each image can also be exhibited in our catalog which can be purchased from this website.

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