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Deadline: Sep 15, 2016
Winner is: Judged & Voted
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: $0.99

Photography Contest PhotoTree

Photography Contest PhotoTree

Represent the beauty and majesty of a tree in photographs. Its trunk covered in creases and textures, the colour of its leaves, its branches that intertwine and form visual patterns and its presence within landscapes, cities, plains and mountains. Trees are very important to life. Studies show that 22 trees are required to cover a person’s daily oxygen needs and of course, they are the epitome of beauty.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: First: 1,000 € in cash, for the best photo.
Second: A professional camera Canon EOS M3.
Third: A backpack for professional photographers. Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: • For technical reasons the participants of the contest will have to be registered in Blipoint.
• Only premium members are able to take part in the contest. Members using our free version cannot participate.
• If you are already registered in blipoint, select “my galleries” within your profile and begin as a Premium. Create your image galleries and participate in this contest.
• They can participate people major of 18 years old and people under 18 who are relying on express authorization of their parents or legal representatives, and once they are known and accepted by the participant the conditions of registration, protection of information, intellectual property, and all those other conditions that, with general character, should be additionally considered necessary for the participation of the users in Blipoint. USAGE RIGHTS: Stage I: publication stage.

• Beginning of the publication stage of the image to participate in the "PhotoTree", contest organized by Blipoint. It starts 12/05/2016 and ends 31/08/2016.
• Each contestant can publish up to a maximum of a gallery of (2) two images.
• Any technique may be used. Photographs, collages, paintings, illustrations, or mixed format techniques can be submitted.
• Only digital images will be accepted, and they must not be larger than 1.5 megas, and in jpg format.
• Images that have been awarded a prize or simply participated in previous Blipoint contests will not be accepted.
• With the sending of the image, you confirm automatically that you own the author’s copyright and that your images are free of rights to third persons.
• You will preserve the entire author’s copyright and other rights that you already possess in relation with the images that you publish in Blipoint. On having sent, having published or having shown these contents, you will grant to Blipoint a perpetual, irrevocable, world-wide, exempt license of royalties and not sole right to reproduce, to adapt, to modify, to translate, to publish and to distribute the contents that you send, publish or show through Blipoint. This license has, as a merely purpose, to allow Blipoint to show, to distribute and to promote its services.
• On the present bases, you accept that no commentary or other information that you provide to Blipoint will violate any personal right or any property right of any third one (including, without limitation, the author’s copyright and brand rights). Also, you accept that no commentary or other information that you provide to Blipoint will be slanderous, obscene, harassing, improper or illegal, and that you remain as the only responsible for the contents of any commentary or other information that you provide to Blipoint.

Stage II: voting stage

• From 31/08/2016 until 15/09/2016 the voting process with the star voting system will take place: by way of this voting system, one can only vote once for each image that one wants to receive the most votes; votes cast by Blipoint users with a complete profile that are active in Blipoint will have greater value; votes cast by those users that register and immediately vote will have very little value. In this way, users that have more friends are prevented from ending up in first place.
• The voting will be done by the artists, photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and individuals themselves that are active within the Blipoint community. On 15/09/2016 the voting period will end and the first 40 galleries that obtain the best quality of votes will be pre-selected.
• Blipoint, as the organizer of this contest, saves itself the right to modify at any time its conditions, including the dates of the contest, even its whole cancellation, before the closing date of the contest, providing that there was a valid reason, and promising to notify with sufficient anticipation the new bases, conditions or, if necessary, the definitive cancellation.
• In the supposition that Blipoint was detecting that any participant of the contest is using any type of method or automated process, appellant or carrying out any type of fraudulent conduct that alters the normal functioning of the contest, Blipoint will be able to give up immediately from the contest the above mentioned participant (who will be sent an e-mail informing him or her about the immediate expulsion of the contest), leaving without effect the points accumulated up to this moment by the above mentioned participant.
• In the supposition that Blipoint was an object of any claim, judicial or extrajudicial, initiated by third part and based on possible infractions of the rights of intellectual property or image of those third part, derived from the utilization on the part of Blipoint of the images contributed by the participant, this one will assume all the expenses, costs and indemnifications that could stem from such judicial actions, answering in front of Blipoint or in front of that third ones, as it corresponds.
• In case the present promotion was remaining suspended by reasons of major force, Blipoint will remain exempted from any responsibility on the same one.

Stage III:

On 15/08/2016 the voting period will end and the first 40 galleries that obtain the best quality of votes will be pre-selected.
And only 3 photos will be the winners.
• To finalize the announcement, the winning image, along with the author’s profile, will be published in the contest’s records, so the said author should update his/her profile. It will also be promoted on the contests’ main page as well as on Blipoint’s blog.
• We sent the prizes within the European community will cost 37 euros and sent outside the European community, depends on the final destination will be calculated, which will pay the winner.

You can send any questions or doubts you may have regarding this contest to: [email protected]

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