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The Photographer’s Guide to Co-Working

December 15, 2017

Let’s face it: working from home can be great, but it has its drawbacks, particularly for photographers. You see, not only is it unlikely that your home offers a large, well-lit studio space for you to complete shoots in, but you can often fall prey to a long list of at-home distractions, not to mention the dreaded cabin fever.

We get it though. Forking out hundreds of dollars each week to rent a dedicated studio and business space is less than ideal. After all, you could be spending that hard-earned money on much-needed gear instead!

Thankfully, there’s a solution to this common problem for photographers and it comes in the form of co-working. With plenty of dedicated co-working spaces and studios popping up all over the world, now is the perfect time to embrace it!

The Benefits of Co-Working

Before we dive into how you can begin co-working, we’ll quickly cover the benefits that such a set-up brings. While we covered some positive elements above, such as minimising distractions, offering a suitable studio space, and alleviating cabin fever, we’ll also discuss more below.

Another benefit of co-working is the fact that you can build relationships with fellow creatives, which helps to keep you more inspired and motivated on a daily basis. These relationships could also prove to be more beneficial in the future, as you might find yourself collaborating with these creatives or even gaining clientele through them.

Additionally, having a dedicated co-working space for your business allows you to appear more professional, as it acts as your very own office and client meeting area. Rather than inviting your clients around to your home to discuss a project, wouldn’t it seem a lot more professional to meet them in an off-site business space?

How to Find the Co-Working Space of Your Dreams

If you’ve given co-working serious consideration and agree that it’s the right thing for your business, then now is a great time to begin searching for the co-working space of your dreams! The trick to finding your ideal space lies in research, including research done online and in-person.

There are a number of platforms you can use to find a co-working space both within your location and budget, and a simple Google search is sure to bring these to your attention. One of the most well-known co-working businesses includes WeWork (if you want to go straight to the source), while a popular co-working space search engine includes

Once you find a space that seems to fit your needs, add it to a shortlist and continue looking. Sometimes co-working spaces fill-up fast or are no longer looking for new members, so it’s always best to build a list of about 3-5 favorites before you take the next steps.

Visit the Co-Working Space in Person

Once you’ve got a list of co-working spaces you’d love to check out, it’s time to contact them to let them know you are interested in joining their space and organising a time to come and visit.

Checking out the space in-person gives you a first-hand experience there, allowing you to determine if the general vibe and working culture is right for you. Do they offer the services and spaces you require and do the other members seem friendly? These are just some of the things you’ll want to take into account during your tour of the premises.

Every Co-Working Space is Different

Before you commit to a membership with any co-working space, it goes without saying that you should also make sure you know exactly what’s included with your membership, along with any terms and conditions.

For example, some co-working spaces might charge you per month and this price includes how many times you can use the space, along with inclusions such as meeting room access, studio use, and free coffee. Spaces also offer alternatives in membership, such as whether you simply have a hot desk there or a dedicated and permanent office space that purely belongs to you. It really depends on your needs, so be sure to look into all of this before signing-up!

Additionally, many co-working spaces offer free trials, such as for a week, so this is another great way to experience your potential new workplace before you commit. Remember, if this is a space you’re going to invite clients to and call your workplace, then you want it to offer all of the services that you need to successfully run your business, otherwise you’d just continue working for free from home, right?

There you have it – our photographer’s guide to co-working! Will you be making the switch to a co-working space within your city anytime soon? If so, we hope you now have the groundwork in place to start searching for your dream work space. Best of luck!

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