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Photo Contests on Social Networks

February 17, 2012

Photo contests on social platforms are a good thing! – aren’t they?

Photo contests run on social platforms are typically easy and quick to enter, plus you can win some great prizes, so that’s got to be good right!

Yes it is, in fact, it’s almost too good, and almost too easy to enter.

What I’m about to tell you is no big secret, yet, for the majority of entrants, they are totally unaware of what they are entering in to when submitting their photo.

When you enter a photo contest which is run on a social network, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of that social network, along with the photo contest application providers terms and condition’s (they are the one’s who provide the app to the organiser to run the contest). You then of course have to agree to the terms and conditions of the contest organiser, so in these cases you have to agree to the terms and conditions from 3 different companies when entering the photo contest.

That’s not all!!

You then have to consider the privacy policies set out by these different companies, such as what information are they collecting about you, how will they use your information, and will they share your information with any one else? This is now starting to sound a bit scary.


Is it really that scary?

Does not knowing how your photo can used by others really bother you?

What do you think about having to agree to so many terms and conditions?

Do you read all the terms and conditions before entering photo contests?

Tell us what you think, share your views below on this topic.