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Deadline: Jun 10, 2017
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Free Entry

Photo Competition 2017 – Young Heritage

Photo Competition 2017 – Young Heritage

The Regional Secretariat for Northwest-Europe and North America of the OWHC (Organization of World Heritage Cities) invites its member cities to participate in a photo competition under the title “Young Heritage”. Launched April 10th, the competition will be open until June 10th 2017 for the manifold photos from residents as well as guests of our World Heritage Cities. The motto invites to show that supposedly historical monuments, old buildings, protected heritage sites – our World Heritage Cities – contain a lot of young life, that old and young goes together well!

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: After June 30, the Regional Secretariat will invite an international jury of the OWHC to select the overall winner of all participating cities and award it with a prize money of EURO 700. From then on, the winning photo will be used internationally as part of the PR at the OWHC in all media, i.e. online, print, at conferences, congresses, etc. Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Photos and rights of use:
By sending in the photo, the entrant confirms that he/she fully owns the rights to the photo submitted and he/she owns unrestricted utilization rights to all parts of the photo. The entrant guarantees furthermore that the pictures are free from third party rights and in the representation or depiction of persons no personal rights have been violated, in particular, those within the meaning of Section 22 German Art Copyright Act (KUG).
If one or several persons are identifiable depicted in the photo, those concerned must agree to the pictures being published. The entrant shall affirm that he has the corresponding declarations of consent or, if necessary, he can also produce them in writing.
Should third parties assert claims based on a violation of their rights, the entrant shall as from now indemnify the organizer of the photo competition from all claims in this regard.
Where in the picture description the existence of a model release and/or a property release and/or the release/permission of manufacturers of commercial products (e.g. cars, planes, packaging, designer clothing, etc.) is given in the data on the content, the entrant is responsible for ensuring that all required releases by the owner of the property rights are available. If required, a copy of them is to be made available to the organizer of the photo competition.
The entrant shall guarantee furthermore:
• that the information describing the content that is provided to the organizer of the photo competition under this agreement does not infringe image provider rights, trademark rights, the right to privacy, publicity rights or other third party rights or libel or bring into disrepute third parties in any other way.
• that the creator of the content is named. USAGE RIGHTS: The entrant shall grant the organizer of the photo competition the following rights free of charge:
• the exclusive and irrevocable rights of use and exploitation, unlimited in time and space and with respect to content to the photo, in particular, the right to publish it locally, nationally and internationally, irrespective of the media, i.e. including print and online,
• the right to edit the photos submitted,
• the right to use the photos for reporting and PR for the competition (irrespective of the form of exploitation, i.e. including print, online, if applicable exhibitions and invitations),
• the right within the context of media cooperation even before the closing of the competition to publish them through third parties, irrespective of the media, i.e. including print and online.
The entrant shall agree to his name being given in connection with the presentation of the photos.

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