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Deadline: May 10, 2013
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Free Entry

Outdoor Wildlife Photo Contest

pocketwizard April’s Contest theme is Outdoor Wildlife* photography taken with a remote camera. Working with a remote camera allows you to get up close to a scenario you normally wouldn’t be able to achieve if the camera was in your hands. If animals don’t see or hear you, they most likely will be able to smell you. With a remote camera, you can trigger your camera from several hundred feet away, completely out of sight and smell from your subjects.
Show us your creativity and best new image of Outdoor Wildlife taken with a remote camera, whether it be wirelessly or with a cable. Grab your camera and gear and start shooting

* When we mean outdoor wildlife we mean A) the image must be taken outside and can’t be an image of your Cockatoo taken with a remote camera in your living room. And B) the image needs to be of “wildlife” which means even if you wanted to take an image of your Cockatoo in your living room with a remote camera, it actually wouldn’t qualify since the Cockatoo is most likely a pet of yours and is not currently “in the wild”. So simply put, images need to be taken “outdoors” of something which is “wild”, not domesticated or in a cage in your house, and taken by triggering a remote camera with either a radio or a very long shutter release cable. Note: you can be triggering your remote camera from indoors but the remote camera has to be taking an image of something outdoors. Unless of course you have a wild boar running through your kitchen and by all means click away. We’d love to see it!

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: Contest Winner: Three PlusX Transceivers, two Remote Camera Cables to fit your gear and a G-Wiz Squared bag OR Two Plus III Transceivers, two Remote Camera Cables to fit your gear and a G-Wiz Squared bag OR one MiniTT1 and one FlexTT5 for either Canon or Nikon.

1st Runner Up: G-Wiz Vault bag and Moose Peterson book titled “Captured – Lessons from Behind the Lens of a Legendary Wildlife Photographer”

2nd Runner Up: G-Wiz Trunk bag and Moose Peterson book titled “Captured – Lessons from Behind the Lens of a Legendary Wildlife Photographer” Fan Favorite: PocketWizard Goodies ELIGIBILITY: Open to All Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: All images submitted for consideration in a PocketWizard Photo of the Month Contest remain the sole property of the photographer. Entrants retain copyright over each of their images USAGE RIGHTS: All submitted images will be loaded onto the Contest Page of PocketWizard’s Facebook page to be viewed and commented on by the public. Images loaded onto the PocketWizard Facebook Contest page will be right-click protected and will contain photographers name, country, photo caption and brief description of their set-up. Contest winner image will be revealed on the homepage and will also be featured in the PocketWizard E-Newsletter. Contest winner and Runner-up images will be displayed on for approximately two years following end of contest. All contest image submissions will be archived for approximately two years on the PocketWizard Facebook Contest page and will be visible to the public.

By submitting an image in the PocketWizard Photo of the Month contest, the submitting photographer grants LPA Design*/ PocketWizard a license to utilize the image in relation to the PocketWizard photo contest, which includes a license to make such display and archiving on with a link to archived galleries of contest submissions for a period of two years.

If LPA Design*/PocketWizard chooses to use one of the submitted images in other ways not associated with the PocketWizard photo contest (website homepage, print ads, brochures, etc.), usage rights will be negotiated directly with the photographer. LPA Design* / PocketWizard will NOT assume usage rights of any images submitted for the PocketWizard photo contest except for those associated with contest-related display of the image and other related uses as discussed above

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