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Deadline: May 15, 2022
Winner is: Judged & Voted
Entry: Free Entry

Our World Is Kind 2022 Photography Contest

Our World Is Kind 2022 Photography Contest

Do you believe the world could be a kinder place? It can, through your photography. Cash Prizes! Fantastic judges! Kinder world.

The 2022 Our World Is Kind global photography contest is now accepting submissions.

We are looking for images showing acts of kindness and caring from all over the world. There are special award categories, too, including for non-profit work and caring during the pandemic!

Science shows that exposure to images of kindness can help people be kinder, happier, more grateful and optimistic. Envision Kindness, a not-for-profit organization, inspires kindness in others by gathering and sharing images of kindness, compassion, joy, and love with the world. We know that it works–people are happier, calmer, more grateful and more generous.

People all over the world need a way to feel happier and more connected to others. To be kinder to others. Your photography could do that.

The contest is free to enter and will award over $2,000 in cash prizes! Our last contest was viewed over 230,000 times and had more than 2000 submissions from 750+ photographers in over 85 countries.

Will you join the kindness movement? Submit your kind images today and #PictureABetterWorld.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: First Place ($500)

Public Choice ($500)

Nonprofit Honoree ($500)
The nonprofit prize will be awarded to a powerful image showcasing a nonprofit’s work or impact. 50% of the prize will be awarded to the photographer, and 50% will be awarded to the nonprofit. We look forward to honoring their important work this year.

Caring & Connection ($250)
This prize will be awarded to an image that depicts a moment of care and connection during the pandemic. Over the last two years, incredible kindness could be felt from the care of nurses and doctors on the frontline, or in the creative ways neighbors and communities have cared for one another and stayed connected. We are looking forward to showcasing work that illustrates how caring, connection, and kindness is abundant, even during very difficult times.

Honorable Mention (3 prizes each for $100) Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Copyright
I, the Participant, retain the copyright and grant Envision Kindness a limited, non-exclusive license to use Content as consistent with its mission.
Participant warrants that he or she is the owner of the copyright to all Content submitted to Envision Kindness or have permission of the copyright holder to submit the Content and that the Content does not violate any laws or the rights of any individuals or business entities including copyrights, trade secrets, privacy rights, and right to privacy.
If there are co-creators of the submitted Content, then Participant warrants that the co-creators have all given approval for submission of the Content to this contest and for its potential use as described above. USAGE RIGHTS: Pursuant to this agreement, Participant and any co-creators grant a limited, non-exclusive license for the following usage of the Content:
Display on the Envision Kindness website or Envision Kindness related websites (such as a future contest website);
Circulation via e-mail and similar messaging services (e. g., Twitter, Facebook, or an app) to Envision Kindness followers and the general public;
Display on monitors/screens (in video format) to promote the mission of Envision Kindness as in EnSpire;
Promoting Envision Kindness and Envision Kindness-sponsored events (including events for which Envision Kindness is not the sole sponsor);
Testing in social science research that Envision Kindness and its collaborators undertake to understand how these images affect people;
Images may be displayed in physical exhibits in venues such as galleries or museums or theaters.

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