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The Best Online Wedding Magazines to Get Your Photography Published in

October 7, 2016

Many people would agree that you can’t beat print magazines – from the joy that comes with physically turning each page between your fingers to the crisp smell of paper heavy with ink.

I’m also a huge fan of print magazines, however I cannot deny the increasingly online direction that the media industry has been heading in for years now (hence why I started my own digital magazine!).

Online magazines are also way more accessible to creatives such as yourself. Not only are there plenty of them, but they’re searching every day for talented photographers whose work will fit in with their brand’s aesthetic.

Today I didn’t just want to focus on online magazines that you should get your photography published in, but I wanted to narrow the subject down even further to showcase the best digital wedding publications that you should approach. If you’re a wedding photographer or someone who enjoys capturing bridal-inspired photo shoots, then this post is certainly for you!

I’m an avid consumer of bridal-related wedding magazines, but I managed to narrow-down my typical reading list to six of the best online wedding magazines to get your photography published in. The criteria was simple: these magazines publish incredibly stunning and high-quality photo shoots that are enough to make anyone fall in love.



Magnolia Rouge:

Magnolia Rouge is a beautifully designed magazine which was created by New Zealand based editor Kate Holland over six years ago. The magazine also runs a blog, so your chances of having your wedding-related photography published by the company is doubled! While you can order print versions of each issue, Magnolia Rouge also upload the digital versions of every edition so that they’re available to read for free, no matter where you are in the world.

When it comes to the inspiration behind this publication, the website states: “Magnolia Rouge strives to marry real moments and emotion with a healthy dose of beautiful inspiration. We love that editorial shoots provide a platform to introduce new ideas and trends however most of all we love to see the real stories that come from this inspiration and how you interpret them for your special day.”




Smitten Magazine is another gorgeous wedding-related publication that offers both a digital magazine and a blog. It has a very feminine and dreamy aesthetic and you can expect a new online issue from them every two months. As well as real weddings, you’ll also find styled shoots, lifestyle shoots, home features, doable DIY projects, and more.

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, this is certainly one online publication which will gain you a ton of exposure if your work is featured within it! They explain: “Founded in 2011, Smitten has garnered millions of readers and dozens of partnerships and contributions from the most prolific fashion designers, event + floral designers, photographers, and creative minds in the bridal industry.”




Vow Magazine focuses on wedding content based in the South West of the UK. It prides itself on breaking away from traditions and is especially targeted toward couples who want to experiment on their big day, whether it be through the location, style, or even photography. If your bridal inspired photo shoots like to think outside of the box (particularly if they focus on this specific location), then this is the perfect online wedding magazine for you to submit your photography to!



The Wedding Playbook:

The Wedding Playbook is an extremely popular online wedding magazine based in Australia, which also runs a beautiful blog. It largely features wedding content from Australia, so if you’re a photographer based in this country, then you’re in luck!

The magazine further explains: “Our free digital wedding magazine is published bimonthly, featuring breathtaking inspiration, heartfelt stories and ideas tried and tested by real brides.”




The Bride’s Tree:

I first began following The Bride’s Tree shortly after it launched, and since then the magazine has grown phenomenally! They publish seasonal digital magazine issues, plus they also run a blog that showcases daily posts and photo shoots. The Bride’s Tree has a strong focus on Sunshine Coast related wedding content (in Queensland, Australia), so it’s another important bridal magazine to add to your submissions list if you’re a photographer working within this area!

The imagery of this online magazine is dreamy, polished, and of a high quality, so it’s definitely worth checking-out for the inspiration factor alone.



Tulle Magazine:

You’ll find gorgeous editorials on both the Tulle Magazine blog and within their online issues. They’re also huge fans of showcasing images from real weddings, so if you’re a wedding photographer, then you might want to try your luck here! Perhaps what I love the most about Tulle is that it is largely run by just one talented lady, rather than a whole team. The website states: “Kate is the Editor-in-Chief at Tulle, but wears every hat from copywriter to art director, market editor to inbox queen. She is newly-engaged and is currently planning her dream wedding.”


These are just 6 of many online wedding magazines that are available for you to read and submit your work to. While these are some of my absolute favorites, I encourage you to also research online wedding magazines which are targeted specifically to your location too – trust me, there are plenty of them around!

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