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Deadline: Jul 28, 2024
Winner is: Judged & Voted
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: 15 GBP

OD Photo Prize

OD Photo Prize

Open Doors Gallery is delighted to invite you to submit your projects to OD Photo Prize 2024.

For over a decade now, ODG has dedicated itself to the discovery & mentorship of early-career artists working across the full spectrum of contemporary photography. From Kensuke Koike’s sculptural alchemy to Maria Lax’s iconic and cinematic storytelling, pioneers in new areas of photographic art such as Sander Coers. Over the past decade, the gallery has exhibited these artists widely through our program of pop-ups and art fairs here in London and beyond. Raising the profiles of our artists… We pride ourselves on discovering and nurturing the best talent out there. OD Photo Prize is an extension of this mission, which looks to widen our talent search and to help foster long-term relationships with artists more globally.

This year’s Winner will receive an increased cash prize thanks to the continued support of our partners, as well as a listing amongst our roster of artists for at least a year. Whilst all Shortlisted artists will be invited to participate in a group exhibition hosted by Open Doors Gallery in London, in November. Read on to find out more.

Artists are also eligible for a variety of awards chosen by our panel of influential industry experts in the field of photography, from having work singled out by each jury member as one of the ‘Judges Picks’ to the Metro Mentorship award selected by artist and creative director, Professor Steve MacLeod. This year we are also excited to introduce a new partnership with InCadaques Festival [find out more details below].

There has never been a better time to submit your projects to OD Photo Prize. With more opportunities on offer than ever before and a proven record working with artists, this open call offers a unique platform for emerging and early-career artists of all ages, backgrounds & styles… We can’t wait to see your work.

OD Photo Prize was founded by Open Doors Gallery, UK, in 2021.

Contest Prize & TERMS


£2,000 prize
Includes £1,000 cash prize supported by Open Doors Gallery
Includes £500 print credit supported by Metro Imaging
Includes £500 credit supported by MPB
An exclusive interview will be presented on the 1000Words Magazine website in conjunction with the Winner announcement
Long term mentorship through Open Doors Gallery
Listed on the OD Artist page & Artsy platform for at least one year, presenting available artworks from their submitted projects
Exhibited in London as part of the OD Photo Prize group exhibition

2 x Runners-Up:

Long term mentorship through Open Doors Gallery
Invited to be listed on the OD Artist page & Artsy platform for at least one year, presenting available artwork from their submitted projects
Exhibited in London as part of the OD Photo Prize group exhibition

Metro Mentorship Award:

Tailored mentorship programme designed to support the awarded artist through any aspect of their career development which they deem vital
A unique opportunity to gain ongoing 1:1 advice and guidance from Professor Steve Macleod, Creative Director at Metro Imaging, to help nurture and expand their practice

Juror's Choice Awards:

Each member of the Jury will have the opportunity to select one artist from the Longlist that they feel deserves a special mention [and the opportunity to be exhibited at the OD Photo Prize exhibition]

InCadaques Award:

This year we are delighted to introduce the InCadaques Award
The founders and directors of this renowned Festival in Spain [also on our Jury this year] will select one artist from the Longlist to exhibit in some form at next year's Festival
The form this presentation will take will depend on the nature of the work presented [so an exhibition, projection, installation etc.]

AJ Page Award:

The People's Choice award is for exceptional single images selected by Open Doors Gallery from this years Longlist of artists
The 10 artworks selected will be posted to the @odtakeovers feed and voted for in the comments by the public
At least one will then be included in the OD Photo Prize group exhibition and online show

Shortlisted Artists will receive the following support and opportunities:

Having their work produced for a group exhibition hosted by Open Doors Gallery in London, Nov—Dec - 2024 [Dates & venue TBC]
Exhibited in London and also online gaining exposure to the Open Doors Gallery collector base
Exhibition exposure to a substantial number of visual arts professionals and the media
Inclusion in the gallery website announcement and dedicated newsletter
Their projects viewed and considered by our panel of leading industry experts
Their work shared with our 100,000+ social media following
Inclusion in an ongoing community and support network facilitated by Open Doors Gallery Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: All work remains the sole copyright of the entrant. USAGE RIGHTS: Through submitting your work to OD Photo Prize 2024, you give permission to Open Doors Gallery to highlight your entry online and on social media platforms. Only selected applications will be highlighted by Open Doors Gallery across social media platforms and the website. Please note that if your work is shared on any Open Doors Gallery platforms this does not mean that your work has or has not been selected for OD Photo Prize 2024 as successful applicants will be determined later (September 2024) after the works have been seen by the Jury.

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