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Deadline: November 19, 2014
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: $10 per photo

Ocean Art Photo Competition 2014

Ocean Art Photo Competition 2014 The 4th annual Underwater Photography Guide Ocean Art Photo Competition 2014 is now accepting entries. The contest features over 20 incredible liveaboard and resort sponsors exceeding $70,000 USD in value. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in all categories will be able to choose from excellent prizes.

This is a virtual contest – simply upload underwater photos taken anywhere, anytime.

The categories are loosely defined below. Judges will be instructed to use their common sense when choosing winners for a category. The first 9 categories are open to photos taken with any type of camera: dSLR, mirrorless or compact. Entries in the 3 compact camera categories must be taken with a point and shoot camera (e.g. Canon G16, Canon s120, Sony RX-100 II, SeaLife DC-1400). Mirrorless cameras are not considered compact due to their larger sensors and must enter the open categories.

Wide-Angle: any photo that shows a wider angle of view than the human eye (35mm focal length), including over-under shots (half in the water, half out) and close-focus wide-angle photos.

Macro: any photo where the subject is recorded as lifesize or greater on the camera’s image sensor, also known as a 1:1 (or greater) reproduction ratio. As a guideline, macro subjects are generally 6 inches across or smaller and shot with a lens focal length greater than 35mm.

Marine Life Behavior: an underwater photograph showing marine life in action (e.g. feeding, cleaning, schooling, yawning).

Marine Life Portrait: a portrait shot of an animal underwater including fish, sharks, sea lions, octopus, marine birds, etc. A portrait shot usually focuses on a single subject. Portraits can be full body shots or framed tightly around the face/head.

Super Macro: photos depicting a subject that is very small – smaller than a typical macro subject with a reproduction ratio greater than 1:1. Diopters are used for the majority of super macro images. Absolutely no cropping is allowed. Photos should be entered at the largest jpeg size you have. “Upressing” (increasing the resolution) is not allowed.

Cold Water / Temperate Water: any underwater photograph taken in a cold or temperate water environment where the water is below 15C/59F for most of the year or one of the following destinations: California, New Zealand, UK, Northern Europe, Artic/Antarctic, Chile, Tasmania, Black Sea, Pacific Northwest and Northern Atlantic. The Mediterranean and Australia (besides Tasmania) are not included in this category. Not sure if your area is temperate? Just ask!

Nudibranchs: the main subject of the photo should be a nudibranch. Any sea slug is ok for this category. We suggest that the nudibranch(s) is very prominent in the photo. Winners of this category will be awarded the Villa Markisa Resort prize!

Diver / Underwater Model / Fashion: photos entered in this category can be taken in a pool or in the ocean, and the main subject should be a person – a diver, freediver, model, etc. Commercial photographs are allowed.

Novice dSLR: anyone can enter this category who feels like they are still a “beginner” with their dSLR. A beginner has been using their dSLR underwater for less than 2 years and has not ever placed or received an honorable mention in any national or international underwater photography competition. Photographers mating this description are not limited to the Novice DSLR category and can also enter their photos in any of the above categories. This category includes micro 4/3 cameras like the Olympus OM-D.

Compact Camera Macro: macro photos taken with a compact camera. Macro subjects are generally smaller than 6 inches. Compact cameras are defined above.

Compact Camera Wide-Angle: wide-angle photos taken with a compact camera. Wide-angle subjects are generally larger than 6 inches. Compact cameras are defined above.

Compact Camera Marine Behavior: photos showing marine life in action (e.g. feeding, cleaning, schooling, yawning). Compact cameras are defined above.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: Over $70,000 in prizes
The SMY Ondina is sponsoring an 11-day trip on their liveaboard for ANY of their scheduled cruises + 50% off your companion!
Paradise Taveuni is sponsoring a 7-night dive package that includes unlimited beach dives!
Manthiri is sponsoring a 7-night liveaboard cruise in the Maldives!
Bilikiki is sponsoring a 7-night trip on any of their Solomon Islands liveaboards!
Lissenung is sponsoring a 10-night stay + diving!
Bluewater Photo is sponsoring gift certificates for several contest winners
Villa Markisa is sponsoring a 7-night stay in the deluxe bungalow, full board, and diving!
Discovery Fleet is sponsoring a 7-night spring 2015 Tubbataha cruise for one with companion 50% off
Emperor Divers is sponsoring a 7-night Best of the Maldives liveaboard for one with companion 50% off!
VoliVoli is sponsoring a 7-night, 10-dive package with twin-share accommodation!
Kosrae Nautilus resort is sponsoring a 7-night twin-share with 5-day dive package for two people!
Atlantis Dive Resorts is sponsoring a 7-night dive package at either Atlantis Puerto Galera or Atlantis Dumaguete
Palau Dive Adventures is sponsoring a week-long dive package for one lucky Ocean Art winner!
Mike Ball is sponsoring a 3-night Fly Dive Cod Hole expedition!
Alor Divers is sponsoring a 9-night dive and stay package!
Manta Ray Bay is sponsoring a buy 1 get 1 free 7-night, 5-day dive package!
El Galleon is sponsoring a 7-night dive package!
Maluku Divers Resort is sponsoring a 4-night, 12-dive package with twin-share accommodation
Juliana's and Sea Saba are sponsoring a 3-night stay and dive package for an Ocean Art winner!
Eco Divers Lembeh is sponsoring a 5-night all-inclusive dive package!
Blackbeard's is sponsoring a week-long liveaboard scuba adventure!
Scuba Seraya is sponsoring a 4-night dive package for two!
Bluewater Travel is sponsoring gift certificates for u/w photo workshops, group & individual dive travel ELIGIBILITY: Open to All

JPEG/JPG images only, At least 2500 pixels on the widest side, 10MB maximum file size, sRGB color space is best Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: All photo rights remain with the photographer. USAGE RIGHTS: Entrants, by submitting images, grant permission to Underwater Photography Guide to use winning entries for the direct promotion of the Underwater Photography Guide photo contests, including but not limited to Ocean Art.

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