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Deadline: 12th March 2010
Entry Fee: Free

New Images of Age and Aging Photo Contest

fotologo_m.jpg (72 KB)What circumstances and opportunities do we hope for in old age? Do we have models from today’s perspective to go by? How do we imagine our lives from 65 on? How can the potential of the “old” in society be meaningfully utilized? Submitted photos should deal with civil or personal conceptions and ideas of aging. We cordially invite all photographers regardless of age, whether professional, amateur, artist, student, or hobbyist, to participate.

We keep getting older and more and more of us are in old age. In Germany for example: By just 2030, more people will be over 65 than under. On average, a girl born in 2050 will reach the age of 100 years. What does this mean?
Contrary to popular prejudices, older people are, with appropriate workplace organization, no less productive than younger people, they are able to learn, and open to new technology. 60-year olds are physically 5 years younger than the generation before them was. All findings about aging shows: The lifestyle and capabilities of today’s elders no longer has anything in common with being old in 1950.
In order to be able to get the most out of the 30 extra years of life that have been won over the last century, however, and not to consider them as merely an undesired attachment to the end of life, we must all together change our preconceptions about old age. Many historically transmitted and still modernly held images of old age are no longer true to reality. But even those images that are adjusted for free time and consumption are to restricting. They also ignore the gains in life expectancy, health, and capability in the aforementioned old age. They overlook the accumulated variation among those of the same age as they grow older. They don’t express that being old now and in the future is what we – in a lifetime – make of it.
Thirty top-class scientists, representing medicine, economics, business management, psychology, athletics science, sociology, information technology, and further disciplines, have posed the question: What this aging means for the strength of the economy, the cohabitation of the generations, and for every single one of us. The give the following answer: They are won years.

We are looking for new images of aging that demonstrate new lifestyles with these extra years, their conditions and consequences.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: The three winning pictures will be awarded €500 (winner), €300 (second), €200 (third). ELIGIBILITY: All Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: The photographer owns all rights of submitted photographs and gives authorization that photographs may be used by the Academy Initiative “Aging in Germany” without royalty for non-commercial purposes related to this project. Photos may be published on the project’s website,, displayed in exhibitions by the project, printed in a catalogue of the project, and used in press or advertising for the project. The photographer’s name will be credited in each publication.

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