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must have apps for smartphone photographers

Must Have Apps for Smartphone Photographers

July 17, 2015

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, if you have a passion for photography, chances are you have several photo editing apps. Did you know that the small handful of apps you have downloaded are nothing compared to the apps that are available on either iTunes or the Google Play marketplace? There are almost 7,000 different apps available on the market, some free and some of them have a fee.

So, you may be asking yourself what which app is worth you attention and money? Well, it all depends on what you are looking to get out of that app. If you want something that turns your photos into a drawing, then you may like Pencil Sketch (free) or you may want to switch your brother’s head with the dog’s. In that case Superimpose ($0.99) is right up your alley.

Whatever the case may be, it can be a daunting task trying to find the perfect app to capture that beautiful sunset or a snapshot of your sleeping newborn. Fortunately for you, we have compiled some of the top rated photo editing apps that may spark your interest.

SnapSeed – Free

For those who are just getting into photography with their smart phones, SnapSeed is known for its excellent blend of accessibility and proficiency, as it is a bit easier to use than Photoshop Touch. The app’s tools are perfectly designed to function easily and accurately on the touch screen. You can also save images up to 16 megapixels without losing image quality. Although there is a bit of a learning curve with the app, you can always visit the SnapSeed website in order to get plenty of useful tips and tutorials that will have you snapping like a pro.

Camera+ – $0.99

Although this is only available for iPhone users, it is definitely one worth downloading. The app has plenty of features that can help you take dazzling photographs. For example, the app has a stabilizer that will only take the photograph when the phone is completely still, and there is a grid option so you don’t have to worry about taking a crooked selfie anymore. Once you’ve taken that photograph, you can use the in-app photo editing tools to polish them up before you share them on Facebook or Twitter.

Facetune – $3.99

Because many of us are looking for apps that can make our selfies look flawless, Facetune can do just that. The app is designed to help you edit portraits and even group photos. Some of the features of the app include whitening, so you can make your teeth look brilliant and your eyes not so bloodshot after a night of partying. You can use the reshape and smoothing tools for those days when you feel bloated and are experiencing a bad case of the pimples. One great feature of this app is that it offers tutorials in-app that will help you master each tool.

Pixlr – Free

If you want an app that pulls out all the stops, Pixlr is it. Because it has over 600 different features for editing your photos, you kind of don’t even need any other app. When you download the app, don’t feel overwhelmed by all of the features. You will find that it is pretty easy to use and the effects are divided into four sections: adjustments, borders, effects, and overlays. This is a perfect app if you want to kill some time and make your ordinary photographs stand out.

Adobe Photoshop Mix – Free with Subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud

When it comes to photograph editing software, there is nothing like Adobe Photoshop to get the job done. With Photoshop Mix, you have a wide variety of the basic editing options all on your smart device. You should be aware that this app doesn’t have all the features that you have come to love on the desktop version, but when you combine Mix with Shape CC, Brush CC, and Color CC (all apps that have recently been released by Adobe), you can get similar effects from the desktop. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend the $9.99 for the app, you can always try Photoshop Express for free!