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Deadline: Apr 30, 2022
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: 25 €



Welcome to MontPhoto’s 2022 International Nature Photography Contest, open to amateurs and professional photographers and videographers from all over the world organised by the MontPhoto Association.

Our mission is to add value and help spread the art of photography in order to raise awareness and protect nature.

The contest rewards the photographic excellence of its participants. We seek innovative and inspiring images picturing original stories, unknown places, new perspectives, surprising behaviours or new interpretations of what is already known to us. We look for a glimpse that documents the diversity, the beauty, the mystery and the fragility of life on our planet.

MontPhoto is committed to respecting nature and that is why the work presented to this contest must show natural situations respecting the authenticity of the scenery, conserving the living beings in their habitat and by all means avoiding their suffering and the disruption or interference with their behaviour.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: MontPhoto Award of Honor: 2.000 Euros + diploma
First prize in each category (9): 500 Euros + diploma
Second prize in each category (9): 300 Euros + diploma
5 Honorary Mentions in each category: Diploma
Special Award 'Counties of Girona': 300 Euros + diploma
Special Award 'Lloret de Mar': 300 Euros + diploma
Special Award Olympus 'Be free': 300 Euros + diploma
3 Awards in the youth category (15-17 years old): Product batch and diploma.
3 Awards in the children's category (up to 14 years old): Product batch and diploma.
First prize portfolio: 1000 Euros + diploma
5 Honorary mentions portfolio: Diploma Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Participants must declare they are the authors of each of their works and have all the rights to dispose of them.

Pictures where a recognizable or identifiable person appears (categories in which the presence of people is admitted), must include a consent form signed by that person and a Copyright Release Form attached to it. MontPhoto shall not be liable for possible claims against the authors, which may be a reason to disqualify the photograph.

Awarded and runner-up works can be reproduced in books, catalogues, posters or any other printed or digital platform, as well as distributing it to press and/or magazines in order to promote MontPhoto.

MontPhoto may also used them for training and educational projects organized by the entity itself.

The name of the author will always be mentioned and the author will grant the reproduction rights to the organization of the contest for this purpose. This grant is non-exclusive but it is extended to any future editions. The use of these pictures cannot be used for lucrative purposes.

The organization will compensate the authors of their reproduced work with a copy of the book. (International shipment not included). USAGE RIGHTS: This grant is non-exclusive but it is extended to any future editions. The use of these pictures cannot be used with lucrative purposes.
Liability and data protection
Taking part in the MontPhoto 2022 edition implies accepting each and everyone of these statements. The organization will resolve any situation not foreseen in this document.

A proof of electronic submission will not be considered proof of receipt by the organization.

All personal data belonging to participants will be treated with confidentiality by the organization according to the Spanish law on data protection from 03/2018 (LOPD-GDD).

Participants can contact the organization at any time to update their data and/or preferences related to the authorized use of their personal data.

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