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Mobile Photo Awards 2013 Winners

January 29, 2013

The winners of the Mobile Photo Awards 2013 have been selected, There are 18 categories in which photographers could submit their work and the winner and first runner up in each category will have their photos printed and framed for the MPA gallery tour. All honourable mentions will be on display at the MPA premier at the Soho gallery for digital art i NYC from February 22-28 2013.

The MPA mention that this years awards have seen a record number of entries with extremely high quality, making the judges work both long and hard, and even so, they believe that their choices for the winners maybe controversial. From MPA Website “We know that we will never please everyone – we realize that even judges disagree on an image so it’s obvious that entrants and viewers of this site will also take issue with certain choices. That said, every winning image and runner up along with the honorable mentions are chosen with  careful thoughtfulness.”