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Deadline: Jul 31, 2022
Winner is: Judged & Voted
Entry: Paid Entry
Entry Fee: For categories A or B, the entry fee is 10 euros. The entry fee for both categories is 15 euros. The entry fee for C category is 5 euros. The participants will be allowed to submit up to 4 images per each category.

Milvus Nature Photocontest 2022

Milvus Nature Photocontest 2022

With a long standing tradition, Milvus Photocontest is the most important international nature photography competition in Romania, exhibiting extraordinary photographers and images during its previous 12 annual editions.
For the 13th edition, Milvus Group (Bird and Nature Protection Association) has joined forces with Forona (the Romanian Nature Photographers Association) to take this tradition further. The organizers are convinced that the visual power of the breath-taking natural photos is an amazing tool to bring people closer to the values of nature and will help in the quest to conserve it.
The competition rules are based on Forona’s Ethical Code, whose ten principles are aimed to guide activity of nature photographers in regard to their relation with nature and the public, to raise awareness and make everybody understand the important role that nature has in our life.

Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: The jury will award the Milvus Trophy to the most interesting image in the competition, and the I-st, II-nd and III-rd prize for each category. There will also be a Public Award, following a popularity vote held online.
The value of the prizes for the current edition of the Competition is as follows:
- The Grand winner will be awarded the Milvus Trophy and 500 Euros;
- The winners of the I-st prize for each category will receive 200 Euros each;
- The winners of the II-nd prize for each category will receive 100 Euros each;
- The winners of the III-rd prize for each category will each receive the “Wild Romania” photography book made by Dan Dinu;
- The winner of the Public Award will receive a package with Milvus promotional products. Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: By entering the Competition, the participant confirms that the submitted images are personal creations, that he / she is the copyright owner, and that the exclusive usage rights have not been transferred to third parties. The participant is responsible for obtaining written confirmations for publishing in case the image affects or contains elements that may affect the interests of third parties. It is also the responsibility of the participant to obtain in advance all the premises and / or permits necessary for photographing in areas restricted to public access.
Organizer respects photographers rights and does not claim copyright over images submitted to this contest, you the author retain full copyright in each entry. Whenever your image is published by the Organizer you will be credited. Failure to publish a credit due to error or oversight shall not be deemed a breach of this condition. USAGE RIGHTS: The selected images will be available to use by the Organizer in the context of the Competition and promotional and PR activities related to the Competition. The organizer has the right to publish these images on its own websites, on the Competition‘s page, on its own social media pages, and to transfer these images for publishing in the written press, online or TV, for the exclusive purpose of promoting and informing on the current and next editions of the Competition, as well as for marketing and contacting potential sponsors. The Organizer has the right to publicly exhibit the images selected within the Exhibition or other events, or to reproduce them and distribute them printed on any kind of physical support, in order to promote the Competition and the activities related to it. In using promotional materials, the format of the images can be modified for optimizing the framing. In all cases specified above, the association of the images with the Competition and with the
author will be specified accordingly. The Organizer has the right to transfer its rights to third parties, with the purpose of promoting the Competition or the activities related to the Competition. For none of the above usage, the participants will not be able to request compensations of any kind. In case a third party expresses the interest of buying the usage rights for a certain image, the Organizer will transfer this request to the author of that image. The printing of the images selected for the Exhibition will be made by the Organizer, on its own expense.

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