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Macphun Launches ‘Luminar’, a New All-in-One Photo Editor

November 2, 2016

Many of you may know of Macphun for their handy photography editing software for Mac, including programs such as FX Photo Studio, Snapheal, and Aurora HDR. Today, the company has announced something very exciting indeed – the release of their latest photo editing software, Luminar, which is available to pre-order at a discounted price from November 2 – November 17.

What makes Luminar thrilling is the fact that it is an all-in-one photo editor built around the idea that every photographer is different, and therefore their photo editing needs are different too. The user interface is designed to ensure the ultimate in creativity and convenience, and this is evident with the ability of a one-click switch between basic and advanced modes.

Not only can users choose from pre-built user interface configurations that match their editing style and desires, but they also have the opportunity to create their very own, depending on their individual needs. These can be altered with a single click, or they also have the ability to scale with the number of adjustments a user makes to their photos.

Luminar has been designed to cater towards a wide array of photography styles, so whether you prefer black and white, fashion, nature, wedding, or sport photography (just to name a few!), then there are a huge range of resources to assist you with your editing process.

Photographers of all levels will love the handy presets available in the software and with categories such as basic, dramatic, outdoor, portrait, street, and travel, photo editing has never been so simple.



Luminar also offers live editing, live processing, and live previews, plus the program works as a standalone app or plug-in, depending on which way you prefer to use it.

The unlimited power and versatility of Luminar helps anyone turn their photo into a personal masterpiece, all within a few mouse clicks. The philosophy of Macphun’s software is simple. The company explain:

You capture the moment and our photo software helps you unveil its real beauty and character.

Photographers have an already-heavy workload as it is, so we admire programs which do their utmost to ease this burden, especially when it comes to the time-consuming task of editing images.

If you want to take advantage of this all-in-one photo editor while it is in its pre-order phase until November 17, then you’ll receive the product at a discounted rate, along with exclusive pre-order bonuses from Macphun. Please note, these exciting pre-order bonuses will be revealed on November 2.

If you are a new Macphun customer, then Luminar will cost $59 to pre-order. Current users of any Macphun software, including Aurora HDR, can pre-order their copy of Luminar for just $49.

You can find out more information about the new all-in-one photo editor, Luminar, by visiting the Macphun website.


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