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Deadline: Aug 30, 2020
Winner is: Judged
Entry: Free Entry

Umencia Portrait Photo Contest
LIFE in the Time of Coronavirus

LIFE in the Time of Coronavirus

The photographic Call is promoted by the Roma Fotografia, TWM Factory, ILFOTOGRAFO, il Festival della Fotografia Etica di Lodi in collaboration with The Walkman Magazine.

The world is experiencing the biggest media epidemic that humanity has known.

A virus, the Coronavirus, has quickly spread from one part of the globe to another, revolutionizing the lives of most of humanity in just a few weeks.

Fear, irony, disorientation, disbelief, anger, fatality, aggressiveness, generosity and many other feelings are moving each of us and entire populations to assume or follow private and social behaviour that is transmitted very quickly by the official media, but above all by the social media that acts as a large and very extensive amplifier in everyone’s mind and emotions.

The isolation of individuals and entire nations produces immediate economic effects, but which still have to be explored from a social, anthropological and emotional point of view.

Roma Fotografia has in its DNA the will and the desire to testify through photography which it divulges and promotes, what photography has always been: the visual instrument that par excellence has narrated with immediacy and power moments of private life and great social events.

Today technology has made this possibility accessible to all. With this awareness Roma Fotografia and the dynamic reality of TWM-Factory wish to transform the infinite feelings and influences that accompany this difficult period, into a great opportunity that breaks down limits, climbs over walls, puts us in touch by recounting and expressing in many different languages, but contextually with a common language, that of photography, everything that is happening in the different countries of the world and among the many people who inhabit it, with the many cultural, social and religious implications that characterize us.

A call, an international call with which to connect one another through our scrutiny and our creativity, creating with your images a photographic project that will be exhibited in the next big event of Roma Photography and via the most important newspapers.

SHORT STORY The work presented must be a project consisting of at least 6 max 10 photographs
SINGLE SHOT: The participant can send one or more single images. (even at different times)

Each author can participate in both categories.


Contest Prize & TERMS

PRIZE DETAILS: The images selected by the scientific commission will participate in a traveling collective photographic exhibition starting from the next event of Roma Fotografia and within the Festival della Fotografia Etica di Lodi

The selected works will be published in the journal IL FOTOGRAFO with a critical text by the editorial staff and will be published in the main newspapers.
The organization also reserves the right to use the images sent during the “collective narrative” for the purpose of promotion of the same, by publishing online, on paper, etc.

The copyright of the image and any other rights remain the prerogative of the participating photographer. Not eligible to enter? - Find contest where you are.

COPYRIGHT: Each participant is responsible for the material he presented in the competition; therefore undertakes to exclude any liability of the organizers of the aforementioned towards third parties, also towards any subjects depicted in the photographs.

The competitor must inform any interested parties (people portrayed) in the cases and in the ways provided for by Legislative Decree June 30, 2003 n. 196 and subsequent amendments and by the GDPR 2016/679, as well as obtaining consent to the dissemination of the same. In no case may the pictures sent contain data that can be classified as sensitive.

Each participant also declares that he is the sole author of the images sent and that they are original, unpublished and not being published, that they do not harm third party rights and that if they portray subjects for whom consent or authorization is required, he will be in possession of such authorization.

The organizers also reserve the right to exclude from the competition and not to publish photos that do not conform in form and subject to what is indicated in this notice or to the commonly recognized rules on public morality, ethics and decency, to protect participants and visitors.

Therefore, images deemed offensive, improper and harmful to human and social rights or vulgar will not be admitted USAGE RIGHTS: he rights on the photographs remain the exclusive property of the author who produced them, who however authorizes their use for events or publications related to the competition itself and for activities related to the institutional or promotional purposes of the Roma Fotografia association and its partners who will use them non-profit in any case. These companies can freely use the images in all their parts, publish them on social media, print them, promote them for the diffusion of the Call or for other purposes associated with it in some way. Each author is personally responsible for the works presented; unless expressly prohibited in writing, the organization is authorized to reproduce in the catalogue, publications, CDs and on the internet without profit and with mention of the name of the author of the images that will be sent.

Roma Fotografia and those who will use the images will be committed with each use, to accompany the photos with the author’s name.

We inform you that the personal data provided by the competitors will be used for activities related to the promotional and management purposes of the competition and the activities connected to it, in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree June 30, 2003 n. 196 and subsequent amendments and by the GDPR 2016/679.

The material sent will not be returned.

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