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June 5, 2019

LensCulture is an online platform that aims to be an authoritative resource for contemporary photography. Through the LensCulture Awards program, talented photographers at every skill level have the opportunity to gain well-deserved recognition. Want to find out if joining the LensCulture photo contest community is right for you? Here are a few essential questions to answer.

5 Things to Know about LensCulture Photo Contests

  1. What Types of Contests Does LensCulture Offer?
  2. How Do I Enter a LensCulture Contest?
  3. How Are LensCulture Award Winners Chosen?
  4. What Prizes Are Available to LensCulture Winners?
  5. What Are the Benefits of Joining LensCulture?

Winning a photography contest can be a big boost to your confidence and your photography career. And LensCulture awards are widely recognized as carrying impressive prestige in the photography community. In addition to its awards program, LensCulture operates an online magazine, hosts traveling exhibitions, and publishes volumes of its best photography. An award from LensCulture can bring you significant international exposure. You can use it as a springboard to success in other professional photography competitions.

1. What Types of Photo Contests Does LensCulture Offer?

Through its photographic competitions, LensCulture’s editorial team aims to find new talent from around the world and showcase new works from contemporary photographers. LensCulture shares winning photos on its site and on social media to give recognition to its prize awardees. Many previous awards winners of LensCulture photography contests have earned the attention of magazine publishers, photo agencies, Huffington Post, curators, and other creative professionals in communications arts fields. Becoming a LensCulture winner can accelerate your stature in the field of photography.

The award lineup features several distinct LensCulture categories, including:

  • LensCulture Portrait Awards – This contest aims to showcase the best portrait photography from around the globe. LensCulture values examples of photographic innovation, along with classic portrait styles. Earning recognition with a LensCulture Portrait Award is a badge of honor for any photographer. Anyone interested in amazing photography of people should have this competition on their radar.
  • LensCulture Street Photography Awards – This contest focuses on the unique and dynamic energy of street photography. LensCulture strives to find up-and-coming photographers who can capture an exceptional moment of life in its street photography competitions.
  • LensCulture Art Photography Awards – These annual art photography competitions are for photographers who are pushing the boundaries of the medium. The goal of this program is to find innovators who are reinventing the practice of art photography.
  • LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards – This amateur photo contest focus on promising newcomers to the field of photography. LensCulture recognizes the brightest ideas of new photographers and helps them share their talent on the world stage through this online photography contest for beginners.
  • LensCulture Black & White Photography Awards – This contest acknowledges the rich history and ongoing evolution of black and white photography. Photographers who explore the relationship between light and dark and create powerful black and white images are good fits for this online photography competition. Everything from black and white photography portraits to black and white photos of nature is welcome in this contest.
  • LensCulture Visual Storytelling Awards – This creative photo contest recognizes the power of photography to tell compelling stories. LensCulture aims to honor photographers who explore creating a narrative with their images.
  • LensCulture Exposure Awards – This contest celebrates excellence in photography across genres, cultures, and continents. As LensCulture’s biggest contest, this competition has achieved stature as one of the best competitions in photography and draws entries from photographers around the world. Plus, this contest’s wide open theme elicits all types of entries—including photojournalism, travel photography, conceptual photography, landscape photography, pet photography, and much more.

The LensCulture website has a global reputation for hosting some of the best photography contests. The site’s awesome lineup of photo competition offerings attracts amateur and professional photographers alike. With so many contests to enter, you’re sure to find one that matches your areas of interest and talent. Check out for the latest news and updates on current open contests.

2. How Do I Enter a LensCulture Contest?

Each LensCulture photography contest has its own guidelines. You should review them in detail and comply with every specification when sending in your submission. If you don’t abide by the guidelines, you could risk disqualification of your entries.

When you submit a photo, LensCulture recommends that you are using the most up-to-date version of Safari or Chrome, but submissions through Firefox are also accepted. You’ll need to create a free account and follow the instructions to upload your pictures. It’s quick and easy to set up your LensCulture login. LensCulture suggests that high-quality JPEG files for entries and has a maximum file size of 10 megabytes (MB).

Many LensCulture contests accept one free entry. Additional entries carry a fee of approximately $10 each. In some contests, LensCulture offers a written critique of submissions that include at least five photos. The site does offer a student discount for entries and welcomes newcomers to its competitions. Entering more photos costs more but gives you more chances to win contest awards and the potential to gain valuable feedback. Each expert comment can give you critical insights about your photography.

LensCulture does accept photos that have been submitted to other photo contests—including other LensCulture photography competitions. The only exception is that winning entries in a past LensCulture photography competition may not be resubmitted for future LensCulture contests.

Teams of photographers can submit photos as well. Also, there are no time-based submissions on photos. You can share an image you took yesterday or one you took years ago. All high-quality images that reflect the contest theme are welcome. After your submission, you can share a link to your photos on social media to help spread the word about your participation and promote your work.

3. How Are LensCulture Award Winners Chosen?

Many LensCulture contests are juried photography competitions. The site’s editors select an esteemed panel of judges from around the world to cast votes photos and choose winners. Jurors include renowned photography experts, museum curators, magazine editors, and other leaders in the field.

Although each contest has different awards for the best photography submissions, there are many ways to earn recognition. A typical contest names several prize winners, who may win cash prizes, publication, a portfolio account, and exposure in a LensCulture exhibition. The judging panel may also name “Juror’s Picks” who receive an honorable mention and get many of the benefits of contest winners.

As part of each LensCulture competition, the site’s editors curate quality photos daily for its online competition gallery and to share on social media. Although being curated as an Editor’s Pick does not guarantee an award from the jury, this honor does give photographers exposure to the site’s global audience of more than three million photography lovers.

4. What Types of Prizes Are Available to LensCulture Contest Winners?

Winning a LensCulture photography competition can big a big boost for any photographer. Recent contests have offered up to $15,000 in grant awards to each top contest prize winner. Also, LensCulture winners may have their photographs shown in an esteemed exhibition in a major gallery. For physical exhibitions, LensCulture takes care of all photo printing and mounting to help every image look its very best. LensCulture also hosts online exhibitions and publishes prize-winning photographs in its annual LensCulture photo book featuring the best of the best.

Contest winners may also have their picture featured in international photography festivals and on LensCulture’s active site and social media networks so that millions of people can view their work. The exposure from a LensCulture competition can help photographers make their mark, find exciting work, and accelerate efforts to make money with photography.

5. What Are the Benefits of Joining LensCulture?

While winning one of LensCulture’s international photography awards is the ultimate reward for any serious photographer, there is much to gain by joining LensCulture. As one of the premier magazines focused on contemporary photography, LensCulture stays on top of current trends and shares the latest innovations in the field. Just browsing through the LensCulture site or reading a single article can open doors to new sources of poetic photography inspiration for new projects.

The site editors often provide an update on contest news, so visiting the site frequently can give you important information about current and future competitions. You can also keep up with the latest news through the LensCulture Instagram account or LensCulture YouTube Channel. The LensCulture Vimeo channel and LensCulture Facebook page are excellent sources of insight as well.

Through LensCulture, you can view everything from stunning nature photography to fashion portrait photography, along with fine art black and white photography, incredible wildlife photos, a close-up shot of beautiful eyes, and other breathtaking examples of photography composition. The LensCulture website attracts top talent from around the globe.

Participation in a digital photography competition is a great way to continue growing, no matter your current level of experience. If you’re looking for amateur photography competitions, the LensCulture Emerging Photographer Award could be perfect for you. For those with more experience, entering other contests can help you solidify your expertise or pursue new directions. Whichever contest you enter, LensCulture challenges you to stretch your limits.

LensCulture: A Premier Source for Prestigious International Photography Awards

Have you ever dreamed of getting recognition as an exceptional online photographer on the world stage? If so, LensCulture photography words are worthy of your consideration. You can enter your choice of online photography competitions and showcase your unique photography talents. Photo contest winners receive valuable LensCulture prizes and the excitement that comes from knowing their images have earned accolades from a leading source of contemporary photography insight.

When you submit a single image to any LensCulture online contest, there is typically no entry fee. Multiple entries do carry a fee—but can bring benefits, such as personal reviews of your pictures by experts. Although LensCulture doesn’t offer as many free photography competitions as other sites, the prestige you can gain can be worth a small contribution to the site’s ongoing success. LensCulture never charges membership or subscription fees, so you can take in the amazing array of photography beauty the site offers without any cost to you.

If you are new to photography and wondering how to win LensCulture contest awards, just take it step by step. First, you need to answer the question “what camera should I buy?” and gather other photography equipment that you may need. After you’ve gained some initial experience, you can start with free to enter contests and beginner photography competitions. View each experience as a stepping stone towards your photographic goals and learn all you can. Remember that all professional photographers were newbies once.

Entering photography contests online is one of the best ways to build skills and gain experience. LensCulture has earned renown for offering some of the top photography competitions around the globe. Once you explore the site, you’re certain to find it worthwhile to join the vibrant LensCulture community.

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