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Interview with Winning Photographer Rossello Shmaria

April 10, 2013

After recently selecting Rossello as the winner of the PCN Open Photo Contest I became more intrigued by his work and wanted to find out a little more. So I approached and asked Rossello for an interview to which he kindly agreed.


© Rossello Shmaria


PCN. What got you started in photography and how long have you been taking photos for?

Rossello. I got my first camera at age 15 and since then, photography is part of my life. At the beginning I used to take portraits photographs of people and as the years passed it evolved to scenery, nature and it’s connection to people.

PCN. What type of photos do you enjoy taking and why?

Rossello. I enjoy to take photos of people in their natural environment. As part of my studies and work as fashion designer I incorporate my passion to photography. I prefer to present my work with people from my own surrounding in location that we know in natural form and light instead of using professional models in photography sets.

PCN. How would you describe your style?

Rossello. My photography style is mostly abstraction. I try to pass the atmosphere and to lead the viewers into my world of imagination and to stimulate their own imagination.

PCN. What is your next photography project?

Rossello. My current photography project is connected to cinematography (video art). This project is in collaboration with a very talented Israeli filmmaker, Hadas Tapuchi. This is conceptual project that combines four different ways of life, elements which “feed” one another and unite to create new world and one language. I am taking photos during the production and find through that hidden worlds in the static images.

PCN. What advice can you give to others for entering photo contests?

Rossello. Listen to your inner voice. Follow your ideas to the fullest till you find your next inspiration.


Take a look at some of Rossello’s photos below, and don’t forget to visit his facebook page too.


© Rossello Shmaria


© Rossello Shmaria


© Rossello Shmaria


© Rossello Shmaria


© Rossello Shmaria


Escape – © Rossello Shmaria


© Rossello Shmaria


Efflorescence – © Rossello Shmaria


Vortex – © Rossello Shmaria


T-shirt Dance – © Rossello Shmaria


© Rossello Shmaria